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  • Tashia
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    After wearing the Mi Band 2 for several years, I purchased the Mi Band 4 as a gift from my parents to replace the dimming screen of the Mi Band 2. I am very happy with he display on the Mi Band 4, especially the fact that you can adjust the brightness. I wore both bands for a couple days (one on each wrist), I have always relied on the Mi Band 2, and trust it's accuracy, the Mi Band 4 had an additional 486 step the first day, and 482 the second day, a difference of that amount at over 22000 steps in a day is a pretty all percentage difference, so it's acceptable. The heart rate monitor had the same results as the Mi Band 2, I also it on to monitor every 30 minutes out of curiosity. I suspected that it would kill the battery fairly quickly, but in 7 days of play with different displays, and trying every feature, the battery is only down to 72%. another option I live is the music control, you can adjust the volume, change tracks, play and pause right from your wrist, I think this is one of my favorite features, honestly. The Mi Band 2 would vibrate and a little icon would display on the screen when you got a notification (the screen on the Mi Band 2 dimmed about 2 years ago to the point that you can only read it in the dark), where the Mi Band 4 you can actually read your message on the band, which is kind of cool, and you can decide whether to dig out the phone to reply now or later. Another cool feature on the Mi Band 4 is a weather display, it will tell you the days weather and forecast for the coming week at a glance. I'm also loving the different custom watch faces, some are plain minimalist designs, some for gamers, some for brand lovers, some for kids, some just cool displays, but there are options for everyone, and there are more coming up every day. This band looks much bigger than the Mi Band 2, and I was quite concerned about comfort, especially while sleeping, but I am quite happy that is it just as comfortable and I don't really notice any difference, and I have dainty wrists. It's only been a week, but overall, I am very happy with the Mi Band 4, it has many workout tracking options, count down timer, and a find device option that I have already used twice. After owning the Mi Band 2 for 3 years and only having an issue with the display fading (which could be entirely my fault as it isn't waterproof and I rarely took it off), and seeing the upgrades to the Mi Band 4, I would highly recommend this device over any other, especially those high priced competition devices that don't have half of these options and a battery life of 2 to 7 days.

    Sep 17,2019

  • Andreas
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    Vor ziemlich genau einem Jahr habe ich hier meinen ersten FitnessTracker gekauft: MiBand2.Sollte nur meine Schritte zählen...Schlafdiagnose und Weckfunktion habe ich sehr schnell schätzen gelernt. Ansonsten wollte ich gar nichts ändern... Habe seitdem trotzdem mein Gewicht von 85 auf 78 kg reduziert und lebe sehr viel bewusster und gesünder. Liegt sicher nicht nur am Tracker, wäre ohne aber auch nicht denkbar.Insofern liebe ich das Band2. Hatte dennoch kurz danach das Band3 welches mir vom Menü her nicht sonderlich gefiel. Habe da Quasi nur auf Deutsch umgestellt, seitdem liegt es im Schrank. Wobei ich mich wiederum kurz danach mit der AmazfitBip ausgestattet habe, welche tatsächlich seit 9 Monaten mein täglicher Begleiter wurde und wohl auch bleiben wird..Musste mir trotzdem jetzt das Band4 bestellen, habe es jetzt erst 2 Tage ist jedoch der ideale Nachfolger zum Band2. Hier lohnt der Umstieg definitiv.Tatsächlich wollte ich die Schwimmfunktion testen, werde ich kommende Woche auch tun.Wasserfest war meine Bip bisher jedenfalls auch, habe sie zum Baden und einmal pro Woche beim Schwimmen getragen.Hoffe das ich nun die Bahnen nicht mehr Zählen muss, mal sehen.Zur Musikwiedergabe: funktioniert auch mit der Amazon Music App, habe ich nicht erwartet.Das Display aufzuwecken finde ich ab und an eher mühsam, man kann die Empfindlichkeit zwischen normal und emfindlich wählen, reagiert mir dennoch zu träge. Ideal wäre das always on Display der Bip.Habe ich früher in der App nicht gesehen: man kann zwar immer nur ein Gerät koppeln, das andere jedoch deaktivieren. So werden die Einstellungen auf das jeweils aktive Gerät übernommen. Allerdings beginnt die Aufzeichnung der Aktivitäten jeweils bei Null. Wache ich also mit dem Band auf, trage dann die Bip und nehme Nachmittags wieder das Band habe ich am Handgelenk jeweils immer nur die Schritte seit dem Aktivieren. Hier wäre eine Übertragung auf das gekoppelte Gerät sehr schön. )In der App sind jedoch alle Aktivitäten erfasst.)Wird dies nachgereicht kann ich mir wirklich vorstellen beide Geräte parallel zu nutzen. Sonst bleibt wohl die Bip mein Favorit..

    Jul 21,2019

  • Yuma
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    Great improvement from Mi Band 3
    I’m a big fan but of Xiomi and I’ve been using Mi Band since 2. I’ve bought Mi Band 3 only last year and I was not expecting the new version to come out so soon. So, while Mi Band 3 is still great and you don’t have to updated it to 4 if you already have 3, I see some clear improvements in Mi Band 4. [Pros]- Screen: much clear and brighter even in outside, and all in color now. Big plus. - Size: 3 was slightly larger than 2 but 4 is exactly the same size as 3. having a big smart watch like Apple Watch kind of bothers me, so I personally like how Xiaomi managed to keep it small enough.- Battery life: one of the biggest pros for Xiaomi Mi Band series is their battery life. Once you charge it, it lasts for 2-3 weeks easy which is amazing. This great feature still lives in 4. - Charger: the original charger for 3 had a design issue that if often had a loose connection and could not charge sometimes. In 4 Xiaomi has changed its design and resolved such problem. Also, it can charge much faster. [Cons]- Sleep tracker: the sleep tracking feature seems to be a bit inaccurate. Even after I work up in the morning, if I put Mi Band 4 off my arm for a while like when taking a shower etc. it somehow keep tracking it as if I’m still sleeping. Or, when I’m in bed but not yet sleeping (like using my phone for a little while before going to sleep), sometimes it starts tracking that I’m sleeping already. I hope this will be fixed by software updates in the future. Overall, Mi Band 4 is great and I’m very impressed that Xiaomi could release such amazing products at affordable prices. It’s defense much worth buying this than spending a few hundreds of dollars for other smart watches.

    Aug 15,2019

  • JCG
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    Great Device! +++++
    This Mi Band 4 changes a Mi Band 3. I feel it faster. The color display is beautiful and more readable in direct sun as the old ones display. More variable watch faces wich is a nice feature.I think the heart rate recording feature is more accurate too. I love it! It worth to change from Mi Band 3.DescriptionXiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet satisfies your daily needs. Whether you are a sport enthusiast or concentrate more on a healthier lifestyle, it works perfectly to help you achieve your fitness goals. Pedometer, sleep monitor, and reminders are easily accessible, so you can visualize your progress you've made by using the App. A variety of custom dials make it easy to respond to every scene and easily express every mood.Main Features● The fitness band uses Bluetooth 5.0 BLE which offers an improved range, connectivity speed and efficiency ● 0.95 inch AMOLED colour display that pushes 120 x 240 pixels resolution on an AMOLED screen ● 5ATM water resistant rating ( up to 50 meters ) ● The fitness band uses Bluetooth 5.0 BLE which offers an improved range, connectivity speed and efficiency ● Come with a 135mAh battery and it is rated to last more than 20 days on a single charge● Support for Alipay offline payment● Focus on your health,built-in heart rate record, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, etc. ● 135mAh battery capacity offers up to 20 days standby time

    Aug 08,2019

  • JS
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    Fantastic watch / band
    A simple yet effective watch that also lets you know notifications (can be configured for text messages, email and other apps when paired with a suitable phone), weather, fitness (number of steps) and a host of other very useful functions. Easy to set DND (Do not disturb). The brightness automatically dims at a time of your choice so display isn't bright at night. Records sleep patterns (not quite so accurate here, and only caters for (via MiFit) one sleep per night - doesn't "get" that you may sleep during the day, but whatever is recorded has some basic editing. Can track, via GPS, your walking/running route. Measures heartbeat rate and other workout sessions as well. Very pleased with the purchase. A few minor niggles (when the timer is set, you're limited to just having the timer - there doesn't seem to be a way of going to any of the other watch functions). I imagine it's the same with, say, the stop-watch also, but haven't tried this. Also, the alarms don't sync with the alarms on the paired phone - there are separate alarms in the MiFit application. However, when a normal phone alarm goes off, there is a single vibration (or whatever your main vibration patter is set to). That's another great thing, you can set different vibration patterns depending on which notification is coming through - literally tap out your own pattern. Battery life is great. Overall, very pleased!

    Oct 10,2019

  • Puška
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    My new best MiBand! (great build quality, battery lifetime longer than in specs)
    Mi Band 4 arived within 22 calendar days from the order date.Build quality, look and feel are all very high (as expected for a top brand like Xiaomi).Screen:Compared to my previous MiBand1 and MiBand2, this is a significant step forward!A great screen, touch surface, far better visibility and contrast to see during daytime (eevn on duirect sunlight).Battery:I am extremely surprised and PLEASED with the battery life-time!Specs announced around 20 days, I easily get at least 25 days with each charge (with still about 10% battery to spare).My typical usage includes: steps, sleep, a few heart-rates per day, a lot of notification, reading time.Functions:Step counter and sleep counter work reliably, heart-rate seems to work more acurately that with my previous MiBand2.Notifications from multiple applications work like a charm, it is even possible to read notification text or parts of email on the MiBand4.Customizations:I love the option to customize the UI, there are many options to chose from and also some community-supported options on the Internet.I love it!Last comment:If considering to buy an additional or alternative wrist band for your MiBand4, make sure to check if it is watterproof (if this is important for you).Not all wrist-bands on offering are watterproof.

    Sep 09,2019

  • Alaurik
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    Muito bom mesmo, não me arrependo.
    Eu tinha uma mi band 2 e gostava muito dela e pulei para mi band 4. A tela colorida e sensível ao toque é um diferencial e novidade bem legal. As watchfaces são tantas que você nem sabe qual escolher, mais não se engane, ela vem com 3 watchfaces instaladas mais você só pode deixar 1 a mais instalada (nada de deixar várias instaladas para selecionar quando quiser ☹️). O aclamado controle de música finalmente está nativamente incluído. Agora é possível iniciar o rastreio das atividades físicas pela própria mi band 4. Funções como ajustar o brilho, reiniciar a mi band, localizar o smartphone, ativar o alarme (ainda é preciso escolher os horários pelo app), ativar o modo não perturbe e outras, agora estão presentes não mi band 4. Um problema muito conhecido na mi band 2 era que, quando a pulseira ficava gasta a mi band saia pela frente e a pulseira ficava no braço (e assim eu perdi a minha, por isso disse que tinha no início, gostava muito dela

    Aug 18,2019

  • Timotej
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    The best. elegantný dizajn, veľký farebný displej AMOLED, 6 športových režimov, monitorovanie výkonu i spánku, odolnosť voči vode, odtlačkom prstov, pádu, ovládanie hudby, funkcie nájdi telefón Kto by nepoznal fitnes náramky Xiaomi Mi Band 2 a Xiaomi Mi Band 3! Pred pár dňami vstúpila trh nová generácia tohto obľúbeného náramku, Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Čo nám tento inteligentný náramok môže ponúknuť?Náramok Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Vám ponúka nielen skvelý displej a špičkové vybavenie pre sledovanie Vašich výkonov. Náramok Vám môže poslúžiť ako budík alebo ako prehrávač hudby z Vášho telefónu. Informuje Vás tiež o počasí a zobrazí dátum i čas. Tento náramok si výborne rozumie s Vaším smartphonom. Zobrazí Vám nielen notifikácia, môžete s ním tiež odomknúť svoj telefón. Dokonca je vybavený funkciou Nájdi telefón, vďaka ktorej svoj smartphone nestratíte.Poteší Vás tiež štedrá kapacita batérie, ktorá činí 135 mAh, vďaka ktorej Vám náramok vydrží na jedno nabitie až 20 dní. Medzi ďalšie novinky, ktoré táto nová generácia obľúbených náramkov Xiaomi Mi Band prináša, je využitie najnovšia verzia komunikačného protokolu Bluetooth 5.0.

    Sep 29,2019

  • Gilson M. Santiago
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    Custo benefício
    1. 0.95 "Tela AMOLEDDisplay colorido com tela de vidro temperado anti-fingerprints 2.5D2. Toda a nova interface de usuárioTela de toque mais suave e simplificado experiência, ajustar o modo de brilho de apoio3. A atividade de MonitoramentoContagem de passos, distância, calorias queimadas apoio 6 modo de trabalho fora4. Modo de execuçãoMonitorar a freqüência cardíaca, acompanhar a sua velocidade para ajudar a proteger você5. Exercício treinadorPista e treinar você, fazer exercícios com estar mais interessado6.Modo de caminhadaEtapas de registro, velocidade, calorias queimadas e assim por diante ajudar você a saber mais sobre o seu exercícioModo de ciclismo7. Heart rate feedback instantaneamente, melhorar o seu passeio experenceModo de natação8. 50 m à prova de água, a velocidade de gravação e outros dados 12 de nataçãoMonitoramento do sono9. Gravar o seu estado de sono, ajudá-lo a melhorar a si mesmoFreqüência cardíaca relógio de registro e AlertaViberate para lembrá-lo e manter o registro de dados de frequência cardíaca 24 hora

    Aug 07,2019

  • De Yan
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    mi band 4
    My mi band arrived in 16 days from Ch to Serbia which is great.The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 performs the functions for which it was designed and offers a nice package of features. One of its strong points is its customization, both on the hardware and software side. As mentioned above, data related to sleep, heart rate and physical activity monitoring are approximate, and are for reference only and cannot replace specialized tools or a real doctor. For this reason, the Mi Band 4 meets the needs of those who want to monitor physical activity in a casual way.The quality-to-price ratio offered is once again excellent, although this time Xiaomi is no longer the only one on the market to offer a convincing fitness band from all points of view at a similar price. If you are looking for a cheap and convincing smart band, with Mi Band 4 you will be satisfied, but before buying it take a look at the Band 5 of Honor - it is slightly cheaper and comes with integrated training plans.

    Oct 19,2019