HUAWEI Honor Pro WS 851スマートワイヤレスルーターデュアルバンド

HUAWEI Honor Pro WS 851スマートワイヤレスルーターデュアルバンド


2.4GHz + 5GHz AC1200MデュアルギガビットスマートがIPv6をサポート
5 18 カスタマーレビュー | 英語の説明を参照してください
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4ギガビットLANポート 複数のスマートデバイスへの接続と素早いLANバックアップ
デュアルコア1GB CPUと256MB RAM 64台のワイヤレスデバイスの同時接続をサポート
802.11acデュアル周波数ギガビットWiFi 無線速度1200Mbpsの場合
●Built-in high performance Barron antenna for larger and evener coverage



ブランド: HUAWEI
モデル: 名誉プロWS851
特殊機能: ルータ
インターフェース: USB2.0,USB 2.0,ミクロUSB
ルータの接続タイプ: イーサネット,無線
伝送速度: 1167Mbps
イーサネットポートの速度: 1000Mbpsの
ネットワークプロトコル: IEEE 802.11aの,WIFIホットスポット,IEEE 802.11bの,IEEE 802.11グラム,IEEE 802.11nの,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3U,IEEE 802.3z,802.11b/n/g,WIFI APクライアント
ワイヤレス標準: Wireless AC
無線LANネットワークの周波数: 2.4GHzの,5GHz帯
WiFiの距離: 100〜150㎡
システムをサポートしています: アンドロイド,IOS
LANポート: 4ポート
マックス。 LANデータレート: 1200Mbps
ネットワークCommuniction: Wi-Fi
特長: デュアルバンド
適用場合: 家庭での使用


DC USBインターフェース: 5.5×2.1
利得dBiの: 3dBi
電圧: 12V / 2A
言語: 中国語


製品重量: 0.8400 kg


包装内容明細書: 1 xルーター、1 x 1.2 mギガビットケーブル、1 x 12V / 2A電源アダプタ、1 x中国語マニュアル、1 x中国語セキュリティ情報保証書



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  • Marsh Hardy
    Great range and fast speeds
    I purchased this router because my old router of 8 years was just not cutting it anymore. I was having issues with my internet connectivity and range in my house. I selected this router for the range capabilities and because it claims to be for multiple devices streaming. When I received it, it was much more exquisite than I had anticipated, but with powerful performance. The speed is quick, and the range difference between it and my old one was night and day. This router will allow wifi connectivity from anywhere in the house, and even outside as well!
    I would recommend this product for those who are looking for a router that is a high quality, with easy setup and user interface, and quick connectivity speeds.

    May 01,2019

  • Xaviera Peacock
    Looks Good, works Great. Brief review from an IT Pro.
    +Consistent data processing and movement in the network
    +Takes up HALF the space of most normal routers and no more falling antennas
    +Great aesthetics
    +Easy setup for the beginner
    +Gigabit network port, speed up 10 times
    +Much more powerful dual-core design
    +Support simultaneous connection of 64 devices
    +Compatible with Android and iOS systems

    I love this router, I really do. Set up was a breeze, fast network speed, and I love access to my devices via my smartphone. I am able to rename all the devices, ensuring at any given time, I can know exactly what's connected. This router, met and exceeded my needs.

    Apr 26,2019

  • Howar Jessie
    Impressed! Nice dual band router for the price
    With my previous router, if I left the room where the router was my internet connection was spotty or non-existent. So I bought this router to replace my older one to see if that was the problem, and it was.
    With this router I get almost the same speed as I do when plugged directly into the modem, and it works well in every room in my house. I found the setup to be really easy and I am getting great speeds. It’s the fastest internet I’ve ever experienced. Bravo! Great for the price.

    Apr 28,2019

  • Thomas Sheridan
    FAST wifi speed and STABLE!!
    I am getting Wi-Fi internet speeds that are the same as when I plug directly into the router using an Ethernet cable, so that is nice. The range is great, too. My computer-to-computer network speeds have also improved over Wi-Fi since I stopped using the previous router.
    What's more, this router looks much more beautiful than my old one, I'm very happy with this router.

    May 01,2019

  • Regina Macaulay
    Looks very nice in my house
    Setup was easy, take less then 5min to get everything on. Coverage is great, two floor 2500 sq/ft on all location are full bar.
    Running ATT fiber, getting 400mbps with the speed test. Have echo connect no issue. And it looks great on the shelf, like piece of art. All in all, a satisfied purchase.

    May 01,2019


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最初の質問をしてください。 Gポイントが必要ですか? レビューを書いてください!

最初の質問をしてください。 Gポイントが必要ですか? レビューを書いてください!

最初の質問をしてください。 Gポイントが必要ですか? レビューを書いてください!

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