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UMIDIGI is a global electronics and technology service provider that delivers the latest and most exquisite mobile electronic devices in over 20 countries, including Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. UMIDIGI is dedicated to delivering customers with the most extraordinary mobile experience through meticulous designs and smart technology.

4.7 5のうち

レビュースコア平均ベース 212レビュー

  • UMIDIGI One 4Gファブレット UMIDIGI One 4Gファブレット

    I would give this four and a half Stars if I could but my options were only for 5. I've been using the Umidigi one for a week now and I'm quite pleased with it. It runs fast and smooth for everything I've used it for. I've downloaded any and everything I wanted to the phone, and I still have over half the storage capacity left. that's all of my music and books and a few videos. also my apps which include Uber, lyft, Amazon music, Kindle, imgur PayPal, and a few moble games. the more simple games it handled no sweat. the ones with a lot of 3D graphics lagged but were still playable. I liked the side mounted finger print scanner, but it has a fairly high failure rate. about 1 in 5. even after scanning in three sections of my thumb. the facial unlock worked but it requires pushing the power button anyway so I don't use it. it has very good connectivity. if your needs for your device are not that high, or you're on a budget and need a phone that will just do everything you needed to do for a while, or if you're getting a phone for your kid and don't want to spend a fortune, this is an excellent device. there are noticeable compromises made, mostly in the materials that the phone is made of and the camera. it appears to have a glass back but it's plastic. for what it cost it is an excellent value.

  • UMIDIGI A3 Proの4Gスマートフォンの低レベルの設定 UMIDIGI A3 Proの4Gスマートフォンの低レベルの設定

    I've bought like 3 phones of this to my family, isn't like the best phone but is good for only 80$. At first when you just turn on it, the phone will get hot and lagging but after installing everything with all the apps and updates, the performance and temperature will be ok

    The camera performance is poor on night light but the pics still good, the battery backup its ok, the performance is ok, all of this phone is ok like between not good but not bad, basically because you can't ask for premium specs for 80$, but if there's something I can say that is the best of this phone, is the model/stethic of this, omg the back side of this is so beautiful and simplistic, even if the color is black or cream, both still being really beautiful, also it includes screen protector and a black case which match perfect with the phone and the quality is really good

  • UMIDIGI F1 4Gスマートフォンその他のエリア UMIDIGI F1 4Gスマートフォンその他のエリア

    It is an amazing balance of price and quality. The main feature that still makes the phone especially great even nowadays is a very powerful battery in 5150 mAh. It also pretty quick android and good memory capacity 128 GB. The little disadvantage is the absence of a wireless charger. It also has NFC, what is a distinctive feature comparing to Xiaomi phones. My only concern is the missed opportunity to buy the Umidigi F1 play, which has more RAM. I was too fast with my purchase decision. However, this is still a great phone at a reasonable price!

  • UMIDIGI Upods TWS真のワイヤレスステレオミニバイノーラルイヤホンインイヤーのBluetoothドック24時間の音楽コンパニオン充電マイクとは600mAhで5.0インナーイヤー UMIDIGI Upods TWS真のワイヤレスステレオミニバイノーラルイヤホンインイヤーのBluetoothドック24時間の音楽コンパニオン充電マイクとは600mAhで5.0インナーイヤー

    It can be comparable to Xiaomi AirDots, with a long battery life and sufficient charging box. Small and exquisite appearance, the box and invisible glasses box are the same size, easy to carry, very good. The sound of earphone is surrounded in three dimensions, and the complimentary ear cap is for personal fitness replacement, which is quite considerate. Bluetooth connection speed is also very fast, take out the automatic connection, especially like

  • UMIDIGI F1 4Gスマートフォン、欧州連合(EU) UMIDIGI F1 4Gスマートフォン、欧州連合(EU)

    Acheter après avoir vu la présentation de GLG reviews.
    Du coup je savais précisément à quoi m'attendre.
    Je l'ai depuis maintenant 3 mois. La batterie tiens deux jours en utilisation normale, c'est à dire, quelques vidéos, du surf sur Chrome, des appels + visio. Bref, de ce côté là, le F1 a de l'énergie : rien à dire.
    Par contre le son, qui est performant, ne peut pas être baissé de manière discrète... Dommage...
    Tjrs le son : mon casque émet un léger sifflement lorsque le téléphone est branché sur le secteur.
    Concernant le réseau, il prend tout : ma SIM Free, la SIM Orange de ma femme ! Impecc'

  • UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します

    Il telefono Umidigi F1 Play Pagato 171 Euro E' un affare. Il telefono arriva con una pellicola in vetro già applicata e la cover scura di plastica dura come potete vedere dalle foto. Poi Il telefono Umidigi F1 Play Ha una batteria che dudura 12 ore e un ottimo processore poi fa ottime foto con la sua fotocamera da 48 mega pixel e ottimi selfie. Io l ho comprato e ne sono soddisfatto

  • UMIDIGI F1 4Gスマートフォンその他のエリア UMIDIGI F1 4Gスマートフォンその他のエリア

    Very nice mobile phone I ever owned. Hard ware side is excellent. I like the lens that show different layer of light not like other brand only show you "white out" on whole photo. 128G memory is more than normal usage. Fast response. Like the latest Android OS. Not bundle with lots of meaningless apps.

  • UMIDIGI S3 Proの4GスマートフォンエリオのP70 UMIDIGI S3 Proの4GスマートフォンエリオのP70

    A good product relatively values for its price.
    working in good order with a durable battery, good camera, very handy and unique.
    The shipment is fast and delivered on time.
    Good product.

  • UMIDIGI Z2 Pro 4G Phablet UMIDIGI Z2 Pro 4G Phablet

    Es buen equipo pero tengo 10 meses con el y ya fallo, la configuración de la interfas con android auto ya no conecta, de igual manera falla desdel principio con la carga inhalambrica, se empiezan a activar funciones como la lampara en automático, la vida de la batería ya solo dura la mitad del día. Es un equipo barato pero no de uso rudo.

  • UMIDIGI Uwatch2フルタッチスクリーンスマートウォッチ UMIDIGI Uwatch2フルタッチスクリーンスマートウォッチ

    this product I searched on YouTube, then I ordered. compare to other costly smart watches, this watch is with in budget with all features

  • UMIDIGI Z2スペシャルエディション4Gファブレット UMIDIGI Z2スペシャルエディション4Gファブレット

    il est vraiment bien mais je pense juste que ils faut juste améliorer le système est des nouvelles mis à jour Android.

    mais a part sa ils est vraiment bien bientôt 1 ans que j'ai mon Umidigi et je suis pas déçu et je pense que sa serait préférable de rajouter un port jack pour les écouteurs.

  • UMIDIGI A5 PRO 4Gスマートフォン6.3インチのAndroid 9.0エリオのP23 UMIDIGI A5 PRO 4Gスマートフォン6.3インチのAndroid 9.0エリオのP23

    Este equipo lo compré debido a que pedí el Umidigi Power y simplemente se ha perdido en el correo, no ha llegado...
    En fin, fue una excelente opción de compra, llegó 4 días después de haber sido enviado (Gracias DHL)
    Funciona en exceso bien, comparandolo con su precio, una autentica ganga.

  • UMIDIGI S2 Pro 4G Phablet UMIDIGI S2 Pro 4G Phablet

    O telemóvel tem espaço suficiente. Contudo demora um pouco a processar após algum tempo de utilização. No início como qualquer equipamento novo flui bem.

  • UMIDIGI Uwatchカラーブレスレット付きラージ1.33インチスポーツスマートウォッチ UMIDIGI Uwatchカラーブレスレット付きラージ1.33インチスポーツスマートウォッチ

    Smartwatch básico, porém prático. Excelente custo/benefício para o que é oferecido.
    Funcional, bom acabamento e design... Produto atende a espectativa.

  • UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します

    beau téléphone très rapide écran très clair avec les fréquences international mais un problème dans les paramètres et j`ai due retourné l`appareil mais j`ai due assumé les frais de douane qui n`était pas remboursable mais en général semble un bon téléphone.

  • UMIDIGI A1 Pro 4G Phablet UMIDIGI A1 Pro 4G Phablet

    Value for money, Screen cracked but it is not worthwhile getting a replacement screen until the price comes down.

  • UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します

    Great phone, I've always been a Samsung user but this has changed my view on things


    je bien reçu le colis en moins d'un mois, livraison agréable et le produit formidable !!!!!!!

  • UMIDIGI A3 4Gファブレット UMIDIGI A3 4Gファブレット

    para o preço que paguei está bom
    visual bonito
    entrega dentro do prazo

  • UMIDIGI S2 4G Phablet UMIDIGI S2 4G Phablet

    After more than a year of usage, I can tell it's a really good phone, worth the money

  • UMIDIGI Z Pro 4G Phablet UMIDIGI Z Pro 4G Phablet

    Svolge onestamente il suo compito.
    Peccato che a seguito della rottura del vetro non è stato semplice provvedere alla sua sostituzione.
    Comunque è tornato a fare il suo dovere... anche se come muletto.

  • UMIDIGI X 4GスマートフォンNFC画面内指紋センサー UMIDIGI X 4GスマートフォンNFC画面内指紋センサー

    telefono eccezionale. veloce performante durata batteria eccellente e soprattutto foto spettacolari.davvero soddisfatto al 100% visto anche il rapporto qualità prezzo.grazie berabest

  • UMIDIGI A3 4Gファブレット UMIDIGI A3 4Gファブレット

    Movil que me llego bien funciona bien lo que he agredecido es la funda que me vino .
    Es un terminal de uso bajo para redes sociales algunas fotos desobra pero para gama que es esta muy bien .


    Tudo é bom... Imagem... bateria... som... um telemovel super completo a baixo preço... simplesmente fantastico.... estou super fã. melhor smartphone de sempre comprado aqui

  • UMIDIGI Z2 4G Phablet 6GB + 64GB UMIDIGI Z2 4G Phablet 6GB + 64GB

    Boa tarde
    Produto excelente realizei a compra e consegui acompanhar todo o processo de envio ,chegou antes do esperado Celular muito bom.

  • UMIDIGI一つマックス4Gスマートフォン、欧州連合(EU) UMIDIGI一つマックス4Gスマートフォン、欧州連合(EU)

    bon téléphone pour le prix
    Point négatif la qualité photo et vidéo un peu moyenne. cela reste un bon smartphone dans l'ensemble. satisfait

  • UMIDIGI S2 4G Phablet UMIDIGI S2 4G Phablet

    Teléfono muy bonito, grande y con una muy buena pantalla, solo no me gusto que para acoplar los audifonos hay que utilizar un adaptador.

  • UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します UMIDIGI F1は、Android 9.0 4Gスマートフォンを再生します

    Estou completamente rendido a este telemóvel, tem tudo bom, rapides, performance, mais não digo, só sei que e um telemóvel 5 estrelas.

  • UMIDIGI Z1 4G Phablet UMIDIGI Z1 4G Phablet

    já uso o celular a mais de 1 ano ,e até hoje não mim deixou na mão ,recomendo 100% esse celular ....quem se enteressar não vai se arrepender .

  • UMIDIGI S2 Pro 4G Phablet UMIDIGI S2 Pro 4G Phablet

    UMIDGI S2 Pro
    After a year and a half still working great and the battery still lasts for two days.

    really great phone for the money