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MIJIA was established in mainland China. As a reputable brand, MIJIA specializes in the design and manufacturing of the latest Appliances, combining strong performance at an excellent price. Through diligent R&D practices and robust corporate governance, its products have enjoyed strong sales worldwide. With its ambitious goal to deliver exceptional technology products at affordable prices, the company continues to impress and delight users.

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レビュースコア平均ベース 1242レビュー

  • Xiaomi Mijiaホーム用シンプル中空デザインLEDシーリングライト Xiaomi Mijiaホーム用シンプル中空デザインLEDシーリングライト

    At first I ordered one big lamp, but since it was not available, I re-arranged the order for two smaller lamps. Delivery to Kiev, Ukraine was 10 days. Very fast delivery. Everything came in integrity, the ceiling is not damaged. The lamp has different modes of brightness and heat of illumination. Included remote control with battery. You can also adjust the lamp through the application from the phone. I am satisfied with the purchase. Thank you Gerbest. /// Сначала я заказал одну большую лампу, но поскольку ее не оказалось в наличии, то я переоформил заказ на две лампы поменьше. Срок доставки в Киев, Украину составил 10 дней. Очень быстрая доставка. Все пришло в целостности, плафоны не повреждены. Лампа имеет разные режимы яркости и теплоты свечения. В комплекте пульт с батарейкой. Также можно регулировать лампу чепез приложение с телефона. Покупкой доволен. Спасибо Gerbest.

  • Xiaomi Mijia温度計 Xiaomi Mijia温度計

    I needed something for my desk at work because my office is never the right temperature and I needed some proof that it's 78F in here. I was hoping to find an analog thermometer but couldn't find one with good reviews for a decent price, so I bought this digital one instead.
    It is such a good value for money though! It seems to be spot on with regard to temperature readings, down to a tenth of a degree Fahrenheit. The moisture readings seem correct too. It's completely quiet. It's easy to read. I cannot recommend this product enough, it's perfect for indoor use!

  • Xiaomi Mijiaアクションカメラハンドヘルドジンバル3軸安定化 Xiaomi Mijiaアクションカメラハンドヘルドジンバル3軸安定化

    At first, when I saw the shape, I thought that I had purchased an adult product by mistake or that I received a delivery from a neighboring college student, but I could insert it into Xiaomi's action camera. I thought that this was a gimbal. When I first used it, I was surprised at how convenient it was. Anyway, the video was not blurred and I was able to shoot a very smooth video. Moreover, the price is a little over 10,000 yen, which can be highly recommended with a bargain.

  • PHILIPS Zhirui LEDシーリングランプ(Xiaomi Ecosystem Product) PHILIPS Zhirui LEDシーリングランプ(Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)

    That's the original philips lamp.
    Came not very good packed.
    Nothing broke down.
    Works perfect.
    Has a lot of settings...
    Easily connected it to mi MiHome APP.
    The night mode is a very helpful function.
    Can be placed in a room around 10m.
    Great for my kitchen...

  • Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Induction Soap Dispenser Antibacterial Contactless Handwash Basin Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Induction Soap Dispenser Antibacterial Contactless Handwash Basin

    i got the first generation and ordered this time the seconf generation.
    the first generation is much more easy to refill.
    in the 2 gen as this u need some pliers or some tool to open the cup.
    the second gen operate on 4 batteries instead 3 like the 1 gen.
    the 2 gen capacity it bigger then the 1 gen and little bit quiet then the 1 gen.
    for my preferred opinion i prefer the 1 gen just cause its much more easy to refill

  • Xiaomi Mija花と植物草検出器植物検出器土壌測光分析装置 Xiaomi Mija花と植物草検出器植物検出器土壌測光分析装置

    Отличный монитор состояния растения. Можно управлять из родного приложения (русифицировано) либо из Mi Home (для русификации надо искать переведенные плагины, например, от EDA). Брал по распродаже за $12,99. На Али таких цен не бывает. Функциональнее горшка, т.к. можно использовать с несколькими растениями.

  • 小米科技YoupinからMIJIA Bluetoothの温度計湿度計 小米科技YoupinからMIJIA Bluetoothの温度計湿度計

    Muy buen artículo, de tamaño pequeño, elegante, va bien en cualquier estáncia de la casa.
    Es muy preciso en las mediciones y el Bluetooth tiene bastante alcance dentro de la casa.
    Se puede poner enciam de cualquier mueble o pegar la pieza que lleva en la pared y entonces solo hay que acoplar el aparato, muy seguro porque lleva un imán y muy práctico por la facilidad de cogerlo para ponerlo en otro sitio.
    Totalmente recomendable.

  • Xiaomi Mijia 1X DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan Xiaomi Mijia 1X DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan

    ventilateur simple à monter, reconnu très facilement par la Mi-App (en Fr), interface pour contrôler le ventilo en Fr également.
    on règle le degré de rotation : 30-40-60-90 et enfin 140°C avec différentes intensité de puissance.
    Livraison faite en 6 jours par avion :)
    Carton légèrement abîmé mais TOUT OK.
    Petit adaptateur prise EU fourni.
    Tout respire la qualité avec Xiaomi.
    très content de cet achat.
    Thanks Gearbest for your rapidity !!!

  • Xiaomi Mijia AC - M6 - SC Household Air Purifier 3 Generation Xiaomi Mijia AC - M6 - SC Household Air Purifier 3 Generation

    O Mijia Air Purifier purifica o ar de casa sem ruído ou, melhor dizendo, o ruído é quase inaudível, quer em modo automático, quer em modo noturno. Só tenho pena de não ter apanhado a venda flash que está a decorrer neste momento apesar que ter bom ambiente em casa vale o preço do aparelho. A saúde agradece. Também não percebo porque razão não o consigo ligar à app Mi Home mas isso pode ser um problema da app ou meu. As instruções vêm em chinês mas, para isso, existe o Google Tradutor no modo Câmara ;) Boa compra!

  • Apple Homekit Siri用MIJIA MJCTD02YLシンプルシェイプLEDベッドサイドランプ Apple Homekit Siri用MIJIA MJCTD02YLシンプルシェイプLEDベッドサイドランプ

    Ich suchte eine Nachttischlampe und bin durch online Artikel auf diese Lampe gestoßen, da sie unter anderem mit Apples Homekit steuerbar ist. Die Lampe kam nach 18 Tagen bei mir an, war gut verpackt und funktioniert einwandfrei. Sie ist mit Siri steuerbar und die Einbindung war kinderleicht. Für das Schlafzimmer eine absolute Bereicherung. Das Farbspektrum ist absolut ausreichend und die Lampe gibt ein sehr angenehm warmes Licht ab. Absolute Kaufempfehlung meinerseits!

  • Xiaomi Mijiaエアコンコンパニオンスマートソケット Xiaomi Mijiaエアコンコンパニオンスマートソケット

    The product arrived safely and in good condition, it works well except the fact that it does not fit properly in a standard european adapter, and this is not mentioned in the description.

  • Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー

    Produto de alta qualidade, leves, confortáveis, ajusta-se bem ao pé e a sola é muito estável e ergonómica. Tamanhos idênticos como em Portugal. Única crítica que poderia fazer é que a sola não é costurada nas sim colada. Mas isso é um pormenor. Compra recomendada.

  • Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー

    Beautiful, comfortable and good quality. The shoes have a good quality for the price, beside bring very beautiful and fit in the foot in a very good way. I just missed this second version having an chip like the first.

  • DF3 dafang 1080Pスマートモニターカメラ DF3 dafang 1080Pスマートモニターカメラ

    The product is good quality, as this is always the case with Xiaomi. Image quality is very good, excellent FOV and the application has many options. Physically it's a little too big, but otherwise no problem at all, including good stable wifi connection. Gearbest support always at maximum quality and readiness.

  • Xiaomi Mija温度湿度監視電子ウォッチ Xiaomi Mija温度湿度監視電子ウォッチ

    No se recomienda para España.
    Aunque pude sincronizarlo con la aplicación de Xiaomi Mijia al pasar de país de España a China desafortunadamente no se puede poner en la hora española muestra una hora menos.
    lo intentando cambiando de nuevo de país tampoco he podido.... y con Taiwán que es la que más lo detecta y da menos fallos ni lo detecta.
    compra NO recomendada al menos para españa

  • Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー

    El producto es de buena calidad y muy cómodo. Hay que tener cuidado la tabla de áreas está mal. Yo pedí número 44 que debería ser 27cm pero en realidad es 28cm. Revisar bien fotos de otros compradores ya que podría ayudar a elegir el número correcto.

  • Xiaomi Mijia Smart 1080P WiFi IPカメラ Xiaomi Mijia Smart 1080P WiFi IPカメラ

    This is one of the best cameras also with a voice assistant based on XiaoAI in Mandarin for now and also with a function of gateway BLE also with a video conference function you can also view te comparative video including this camera on bellow

  • Xiaomi Mijia WX08ZMインテリジェントモスキート忌避剤 Xiaomi Mijia WX08ZMインテリジェントモスキート忌避剤

    I purchased this mosquito repellant and it arrived in Greece relatively quickly, compared to other products. It's very good until now(used it for 2 nights). The connection to the wifi app Mi Home was a bit tough, i had to change region to China for the repellant to be visible for the app.

  • Xiaomi Mija小型多機能炊飯器 Xiaomi Mija小型多機能炊飯器

    Pekný tvar. Spracovanie na vysokej úrovni. Skoda čínskych popisov, ktoré sú otrasne. App v eng. nieje plnohodnotná. V Čínskom jazyku ponuka viac možnosti nastavenia.

  • Xiaomi Mijia蚊忌避装置スマートバージョン Xiaomi Mijia蚊忌避装置スマートバージョン

    It’s very convenient. You can program it with the Mi Home App and forget about it. It turns on automatically at the time you want and you’re informed when it’s time to change the repellent cartridge.

  • Xiaomi Mijiaハンドヘルドジンバル Xiaomi Mijiaハンドヘルドジンバル

    needs some adjustment and app in Chinese so little struggle there but works fine and good quality product

    needs some adjustment and app in Chinese so little struggle there but works fine and good quality product

  • Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

    It's reliable in comparison with a good blood pressure recorder.
    I liked the fact that it sends the measurements straight to your phone.
    It has the advantage of easy use.
    i recommend to my friend it's value for money.

  • Xiaomi Mijia MJCTD01YL YeelightベッドサイドランプBluetoothコントロールWiFi接続 Xiaomi Mijia MJCTD01YL YeelightベッドサイドランプBluetoothコントロールWiFi接続

    the product Is perfect.
    design Is minimal, the light Is strong.
    for the price Is a perfect lamp.

  • Xiaomi Mijiaスマート殺菌加湿器 Xiaomi Mijiaスマート殺菌加湿器

    Great humidifier, silent and effective.
    I can fully recommend it.

  • Xiaomi Mijia 拡張可能なセルフスティックリモートシャッターホルダー Xiaomi Mijia 拡張可能なセルフスティックリモートシャッターホルダー

    Really is an excellent addition to an amazing camera, easy to set up and use it really helps improve the possibilities of the 360 photos which can be taken.

    Highly recommended for all Mi Sphere owners

  • Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 8 in 1ラチェットドライバー Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 8 in 1ラチェットドライバー

    Dieser Schraubendreher mit Ratschenfunktion ist ein wirklich sehr hochwertiges Handwerkzeug. Es handelt sich hier nicht um Billigware minderer Qualität.
    Einziger Kritikpunkt ist, dass die Umschaltung der Ratschenfunktion zu leichtgängig ist. Es springt doch manchmal ungewollt in die andere Richtung...

  • Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー Xiaomi Mijia 2フィッシュボーン衝撃吸収ソールスニーカー

    Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo. Le scarpe sono estremamente comode e leggere da portare, hanno un tessuto completamente elastico che si adatta perfettamente al piede. Si calzano bene per una giornata intera senza alcun fastidio e voglia di togliersi le scarpe. Non proprio adatte alla stagione invernale.

  • Xiaomi YoupinのMIJIAユニバーサルリモコン Xiaomi YoupinのMIJIAユニバーサルリモコン

    the product works well against a large amount of different IR products including apple TV and LG sound bar.
    integrates well with xioami home, so I can turn my AC on before arriving home.

  • Xiaomi Mijiaスマートソケットセット Xiaomi Mijiaスマートソケットセット

    This set is amazing!! Makes my life more smart and convenient, and even if my WiFi is unstable or interrupted, other intelligent accessories can still work normally, that's a great deal!!

  • Xiaomi MijiaスマートLEDシーリングライト220V Xiaomi MijiaスマートLEDシーリングライト220V

    Шикарный потолочный светильник. Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight - сразу видно качество. Полный набор функций за приемлимую цену...