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Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co. Ltd., 2014, the registered capital of 1 million, 30 employees, e-commerce team professional development: mainly for wholesale B2B, company culture: the company to "focus on the headset, hard service" as the core value, all to customer demand as the center, hope that through professional standards and unremitting efforts, reshaping the enterprise network image, provide service guidance for the enterprise product promotion of cultural development; Product development and sales of the original Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co., the company focused on the field of electro acoustic, dedicated to domestic and foreign users of various levels of professional excellence and cost-effective products. The company currently has more than the industry's top acoustic engineers, as well as the complete supply chain advantages, can provide customers with the appearance of the design and internal structure design and complete acoustic rectification program. A sound quality performance and magic sound (Monster)'s high-end headphones sound quality products, we need only a dozen yuan of the cost of the product can be made. And the left and right ear plus or minus tolerance control in 2DB (the standard tolerance of the international headset is positive and negative 3DB) quality is stable and reliable. We are very familiar with the current international big name headphone audio tuning direction and technical specifications, so we can also make and some international big name some of the high-end product 1:1 sound quality. But the absolute advantage of the cost price, I believe that every customer will like. Our company to the advantage of product technology as the cornerstone of the industry into the industry, the production of a number of manufacturers refused to manufacture some low-end products. We can use the amount to control costs, but can not be used to reduce the cost of quality, which is the basis of our foothold. The company now has a number of long-term cooperation of OEM and ODM customers, product lines are set for the high-end market, customer product sales prospects are clear. The company currently owns two brands, KZ and G.K, in the Chinese market quite well received by users.

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  • KZ ZS6カスタムハイブリッドHi-Fiインイヤーイヤホン KZ ZS6カスタムハイブリッドHi-Fiインイヤーイヤホン

    I've been hearing so much hype on these earbuds that i had to get one and so, I did. so here i what comes with the package:
    - removable cable
    - rubber ear tips
    - 2 ear kz zs6 earphones
    - instruction manual
    at first glance, these earphones looked great. the red color popped, the construction (aluminium) look well built but only time will tell if this earphone will last the test of time. more on that later. i never used the cables that came along with the earphone but it felt ok. the ear tips that came along with the earphone look cheap but surprisingly it worked ok until you can get your hand on aftermarket foam tips. Each earphone has two balanced armatures and two dynamic drivers. Okay, enough of the jibber-jabber how does it sound? well, here are the pros and cons of the sound.
    - great sub-bass
    - mids are good

    - Highs can get a little fatiguing on certain songs.

    So, if you like bass, sub-bass this is the earphones for you. this is not for critical listening, this is not a reference earphone. if you are into modern music, top 40, hip-hop, pop, edm, i don't think you will be disappointed.
    Now as for built. as you can hopefully see in the pictures, the paint has some wear on them because i have had this earphone for at least 2 years now and it still works flawlessly. i use it for the gym, commute, drop it a few times and still works like the day i got them. For the price and sound, it's really hard to beat. KZ has a winner in the kz zs6.

  • KZ ZSNプロクアッドコアムービングダブルサークルヘッドフォン KZ ZSNプロクアッドコアムービングダブルサークルヘッドフォン

    I've read so many reviews, saying "This will be a whole new level for you", but I never actually thought that it's true. I mean, sure, they're budget earphones, so don't expect TOO much, but if you had some $15 Xiaomi earphones (nothing against Xiaomi, they're great), ZSN Pro will surprise you.
    I wanna say, that I would like a little more bass, but the clarity of all the instruments is amazing. Also they're very loud (comparing to Xiaomi, again), if you're into that.
    I needed some time to get used to IEM shape, but after that they're comfortable. 4 pairs of eartips, 3 sizes (two mediums).
    Plus, they look great, so for that price I would recommend them to anyone I know.

  • KZ ZS10 ProドライバーインイヤーHiFiメタルイヤホン2ピン取り外し可能ケーブル KZ ZS10 ProドライバーインイヤーHiFiメタルイヤホン2ピン取り外し可能ケーブル

    Los KZ ZS10 Pro tienen mas brillo y bajo mejor controlado, en tamaño son mas pequeños en comparación de los KZ ZS10 que sobresalen mas. como primera escucha los KZ ZS10 Pro sonaron mas brillantes que Los KZ ZS10 que cuando los escuche la primera ves, los KZ ZS10 se demoraron unos días en "quemarse" al principio sonaban aburridos y oscuros después de eso mejoro el sonido y los bajos y agudos mejoraron mucho.
    Hasta el momento KZ ZS10 Pro me agradan mas que los KZ ZS10, espero que con el "quemado" no se lleguen a saturar las frecuencias altas como me sucedió con el ED16 que después de un tiempo de escucha cansa el oído.

  • KZ ZSRハイブリッドHiFiイヤホン KZ ZSRハイブリッドHiFiイヤホン

    tengo muchos auriculares de la marca kz y estos son de los que mejor se escuchan.........
    tienen unos graves muy potentes pero sin tapar los medios y los agudos.......
    estan fabricados con buenos materiales.........
    el color verde esmeralda es muy atractico...........
    como siermpre en kz los accesorios son de mala calidad al igual que el cable que se ha quedado anticuado.........
    el precio con descuento esta muy bien pero sin descuento no pues por un precio inferior se pueden comprar auriculares kz de mas calidad como los kz zsn pro por poner un ejemplo....
    muy contento con la compra...........

  • KZ AS10 5BA HiFiステレオイヤホンインイヤーイヤホン0.75mm 2ピンケーブル KZ AS10 5BA HiFiステレオイヤホンインイヤーイヤホン0.75mm 2ピンケーブル

    I am very happy with the quality of these in-ears. I have small ears and normally struggle to find in-ears that fit, but even though these are on the bigger side, they still fit very comfortably and securely in my ears and they don’t feel chunky when I am wearing them. The sound quality is amazing they are very very clear and very powerful I don’t need a lot of volume at all for these to pump. I would highly recommend the KZ brand

  • KZ ZSEプロフェッショナルステレオHiFiミュージックイヤホン KZ ZSEプロフェッショナルステレオHiFiミュージックイヤホン

    Pelo preço, são ótimos fones!!! Realmente muito bons, porém há duas falhas, a primeira é que como o designer é feito a parte que abriga o microfone pode acabar "abrindo" depois e um tempo, dado o esforço que os fios causam nessa parte (caso abra, superbond resolve o problema); O outro problema é que depois de muito, MUITO tempo de uso as borrachinhas que envelopam as parte que dobram do fone acabam ressecando e rasgando, porém não causa nenhuma disfunção prática.

  • KZ ZS10マイク付きHiFiハイブリッドイヤホン KZ ZS10マイク付きHiFiハイブリッドイヤホン

    son los mejores in ears de kz que he probado hasta ahora. su mejora en el sonido es excepcional son muy balanceados , no tienen a tener sibilancias , los mejores simplemente por un costo del 90% menos que los in ears de marca carísimos que claro , ofrecen un sonido excelente pero estos son de gran calidad, recomiendo comprar el otro cable de kz el cable trenzado y unos tips de silicón para mejor aislamiento pero son cien por cien recomendables , además que me llegaron muy rápido, nadie podrá igualar ese precio

  • KZ ZS10 ProドライバーインイヤーHiFiメタルイヤホン2ピン取り外し可能ケーブル KZ ZS10 ProドライバーインイヤーHiFiメタルイヤホン2ピン取り外し可能ケーブル

    Eu tenho um kz zst e considerava ele perfeito, mas depois de receber este fiquei surpreeso em como o som é melhor. Ele também é muito com comparado com um Sennheiser HD 518. Não tem nenhum ponto negativo, ele é mais pesado e o cabo é muito melhor.

    google translate: I have a kz zst and considered it perfect, but after receiving this I was amazed at how sound is best. It is also very much good compared to a Sennheiser HD 518. It has no negative point, it is heavier and the cable is much better.

  • KZ ZSAハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン(マイク付) KZ ZSAハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン(マイク付)

    Esse é o primeiro fone que tenho deste tipo, onde o fio passa por trás da orelha e ajuda a fixar o mesmo para não cair, é ótimo do ponto de vista de fixação e de que o mesmo não irá cair da sua orelha, porém demora um pouquinho mais para se colocar no ouvido e caso você tenha que tirar rápido para ouvir/ responder alguém, pode ser um pouco chato. Porém o produto é ótimo e logo você se acostuma, achei ótimo para fazer exercícios e muito confortável, para ser perfeito, poderia ter os controle de volume no microfone. Paguei 14.6 euros.

  • オリジナルKZポータブルイヤホンケースEVAジッパー収納袋 オリジナルKZポータブルイヤホンケースEVAジッパー収納袋

    Якісний та місткий чохол, крім навушників можно покласти невеличке зарядное , флешку та карту пам'яті.
    A high-quality and capacious case, besides the headphones, you can put a small charger, a USB flash drive and a memory card.

  • オリジナルKZ Type-C 0.75mmデジタルデコードOFCアップグレードケーブル オリジナルKZ Type-C 0.75mmデジタルデコードOFCアップグレードケーブル

    If you have a phone without a 3.5mm jack buy this improves the audio so much compared to the crappy Type C to 3.5mm jack included with the phone. Excellent buy for such a low cost.

    Only things to note are no mic on the cable and construction isn't the best maybe an issue in the future but for such a low cost with the benefits it brings worth every penny.

  • KZ ZS10 ProドライバーインイヤーHiFiメタルイヤホン2ピン取り外し可能ケーブル KZ ZS10 ProドライバーインイヤーHiFiメタルイヤホン2ピン取り外し可能ケーブル

    Received these today. Took 14 days to arrive in Toronto Canada.

    Fit and finish is great. These are amazing looking IEMs that also have really good sound.

    I'm using foam tips instead of the provided rubber ones so YMMV.

    My only issue is the standard KZ cable which I will be replacing shortly.

    Highly recommended.

  • KZ ZSNイヤホンイヤホンでノイズキャンセリング KZ ZSNイヤホンイヤホンでノイズキャンセリング

    Super recommend! Really good sound, high, middle and low. Excellent for power metal songs. I little weird to fit in my ears, but that's because I have a big

  • KZ ES4ハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン有線イヤホン KZ ES4ハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン有線イヤホン

    very good regarding price point
    nice sound stage
    bass and isolation is very good
    detachable cables
    nice fit in my ears which is very important for me
    kz is getting serious with budget earphones

  • KZ AS06インイヤーステレオイヤホン3BA HiFi BassEarbuds KZ AS06インイヤーステレオイヤホン3BA HiFi BassEarbuds

    best one so far that i tried
    amazing sound coming from these earphones
    sound is perfectly balanced, good and crisp high and nice bass
    ideal for monitoring
    detachable cable is a good option

  • KZ ZS5着脱式HiFiイヤホン KZ ZS5着脱式HiFiイヤホン

    one of the best kz regarding sound that i tried
    4 hybrid drivers make a big difference in sound quality
    good bass and isolation
    detachable cables which make earphones last longer

  • KZ ED4 HiFi 9.6mmマイク付エコロジカルユニットインイヤーイヤホン KZ ED4 HiFi 9.6mmマイク付エコロジカルユニットインイヤーイヤホン

    bought this for 350₹. one can't get a better headphones at this price tag. sounds better than my 700₹ worth Sennheiser Cx-213.
    Bass and treble perfectly balanced for my equaliser settings

  • KZ ZS4 HiFiステレオインイヤーイヤホンミュージックイヤホン KZ ZS4 HiFiステレオインイヤーイヤホンミュージックイヤホン

    1. Já havia comprado e usado a versão anterior o zs3 e já tinha gostado dele, esse então ...
    2. Gostei do cabo que realmente está moldando no ouvido, e que no anterior não fazia o mesmo que esse.
    3. A vantagem é que é um excelente produto por um custo muito baixo, não tem o que falar mal dele na verdade, comparando com outros só a questão de acabamento, mais passa.
    4. Recomendo 100%!!!

  • KZ ZSNプロクアッドコアムービングダブルサークルヘッドフォン KZ ZSNプロクアッドコアムービングダブルサークルヘッドフォン

    amazin earphones
    added one more driver that gives much better and detailed sound
    upgraded 2pin insert in earphones
    nice shell, and good isolation

  • KZ ZSNプロクアッドコアムービングダブルサークルヘッドフォン KZ ZSNプロクアッドコアムービングダブルサークルヘッドフォン

    amazin earphones for price
    detachable cables
    isolation is very good and bass is amazing
    crisp and clear sound
    amazing thing for monitoring

  • KZイヤホンケーブル2ピン0.75mm取り外し可能なオーディオコード KZイヤホンケーブル2ピン0.75mm取り外し可能なオーディオコード

    great replacement cable
    better version and i think it gives some better quality sound
    can go with multiple models
    amazin kz with new cables

  • KZ AS06インイヤーステレオイヤホン3BA HiFi BassEarbuds KZ AS06インイヤーステレオイヤホン3BA HiFi BassEarbuds

    amazing sound and quality of drivers and build
    best from kz for monitoring for sure
    detachable cables
    sound like no any other kz

  • KZ ED4 HiFi 9.6mmマイク付エコロジカルユニットインイヤーイヤホン KZ ED4 HiFi 9.6mmマイク付エコロジカルユニットインイヤーイヤホン

    Very good earphones for this price. Good and strong bass and very loud. I am very pleased with my first KZ earphones. Recommended.

  • KZイヤホンアクセサリーEVAジッパーボックス KZイヤホンアクセサリーEVAジッパーボックス

    El producto es de muy buena calidad, muy recomendable.
    Es espacioso y el diseño es atractivo a la vista.
    Es económico y práctico.

  • KZ ATE-S 3.5mmジャックHiFiインイヤーイヤホンスポーツイヤホン KZ ATE-S 3.5mmジャックHiFiインイヤーイヤホンスポーツイヤホン

    good quality, shipping time has really good for the price of shipping cost. foam ear pads are okay, that the main reason why I bought this earphones.

  • KZ ES4ハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン有線イヤホン KZ ES4ハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン有線イヤホン

    Top hybrid in-ears. Verarbeitung ist sehr gut. Die Ohrhörer sitzen sehr gut und stören nicht. Sehr tiefe Bässe und klare Mitten und Höhen. Das Kabel ist abnehm/austauschbar. Es ist unglaublich was man für so wenig Geld geboten bekommt. Würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen.

  • KZ BTEハイブリッドバランスアーマチュアダイナミックドライバースポーツブルートゥースイヤホン KZ BTEハイブリッドバランスアーマチュアダイナミックドライバースポーツブルートゥースイヤホン

    Отличные наушники, Хотя есть и минус - иногда на доли секунды прерывается звук когда телефон на дальнем расстоянии от наушников, но эта проблемау 80% наушников. купил вообще за 7$ нашел на Telegram канале @ChinaGoodBuy

  • KZ ZS4 HiFiステレオインイヤーイヤホンミュージックイヤホン KZ ZS4 HiFiステレオインイヤーイヤホンミュージックイヤホン

    great construction quality are not so comfortable like the others kz series but for the price are great nice design I love kz brand

  • KZ ES4ハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン有線イヤホン KZ ES4ハイファイハイブリッドインイヤーイヤホン有線イヤホン

    Excess bang for your dollar.

    I highly recommend this purchase for any musician wanting to hear music at the highest level during perfomances.

    Gearbest is highly efficient and my in ears were delivered timeously!

  • KZ-ATE 3.5mmインイヤーイヤホンマイクHiFiステレオヘッドフォンiPhone /サムス用スーパーベーススポーツヘッドセット KZ-ATE 3.5mmインイヤーイヤホンマイクHiFiステレオヘッドフォンiPhone /サムス用スーパーベーススポーツヘッドセット

    These earphones are amazing. I ordered one for me to try them out because I heard great things about them, and I am amazed. Since then, I recommended them to other friends also, and they are very happy with the purchase