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Chuwi technologies creates devices in Android and Windows platform. Choosing to give its customers a choice, Chuwi has achieved great success in both realms. The screens produced by Chuwi are highly acclaimed for it's color accuracy, vibrancy, and response time. If picture quality and build is important to you, Chuwi is your best choice.

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  • CHUWI LapBook Plus 15.6インチノートパソコン4K画面 CHUWI LapBook Plus 15.6インチノートパソコン4K画面

    I recently purchased the Chuwi tablet and I’m very impressed with the quality and speed. I’m an interior designer and often have clients that need to see renderings. After finding this on the website I am a loyal fan. I’m able to create renderings on the fly with my compatible software. Never have I been able to do that with a tablet in this price range. I’m
    In love. It really is a great compact little thing to just throw in my purse and run to meetings.
    It boots up super quick and everything works great.
    Overall I really like it and I can highly recommend it.

  • CHUWI LapBook SEノートブック4GB DDR4 64GB EMMC CHUWI LapBook SEノートブック4GB DDR4 64GB EMMC

    I recommend buying only if you install an M2 SSD and perform an operating system installation on it.
    this lapbook has a construction above the quality standard for the price range.

    you can use it for: browser and office browsing, for music and movies,ok photography programs and simple video editing no more

    don't use it for: heavy games or video editing

    absolutely recommended to download programs to update the drivers to get a 50% performance especially on the wifi and bluetooth card

  • CHUWI Hi8 SE CWI531 Android 8.1タブレットPC CHUWI Hi8 SE CWI531 Android 8.1タブレットPC

    Le Chuwi est l'un des plus grands fabricants chinois de technologies proposant des technologies de pointe, mais abordables, dans le monde entier. Un processeur quad-core MT8735VT Cortex-A53 alimente le cœur de Chuwi Hi8 SE. Vous obtiendrez également un grand écran FullHD de 8 pouces avec le dernier Android 8.1 Oreo. La tablette dispose de 2Go RAM et de 32 Go de stockage interne. En tant que tablette d'entrée de gamme, l'appareil photo que vous obtiendrez avec l'appareil est une caméra arrière de 5,0 MP et une caméra avant de 2,0 MP. très belle tablettes

  • Chuwi CoreBook CWI542 2in1タブレットPC(キーボードとスタイラスペン付き) Chuwi CoreBook CWI542 2in1タブレットPC(キーボードとスタイラスペン付き)

    Ein schönes großes und bestens ablesbares Display. Für die normalen Anwendungen (surfen, lesen, Word) ist das Tablet perfekt. Es ist aber relativ schwer in der Hand. Tolle Verarbeitung mit abgerundeten Ecken, Alugehäuse und 3D-Display. Sehr edel. WLAN Empfang (5ghz)schnellt und mit guter Reichweite. Updates werden ohne Probleme gezogen. Ich habe des Tablet 1 x zurückgesetzt und neu durchgestartet. Seitdem funktioniert leider das Touchpad der Tastatur nicht mehr.

  • Chuwi Hi10 Ultrabook Tablet PC Chuwi Hi10 Ultrabook Tablet PC

    Really good screen. My tablet has been running 24/7 for years and has been stable. The case could be a bit more premium but Chuwi makes newer models that address that. The speakers could also be improved. Battery life is acceptable. Wifi has disappeared several times, only fix has been to reset Windows.


    This little box is simply amazing and how lovely to have a computer that is completely hidden away, mounted on the rear of the monitor. Windows updates are also smooth without any hitches. I would recommend this product to any who require a good computer that takes up hardly any space.

  • CHUWI Hi9 Air 4Gファブレット4GB RAM 64GB ROM CHUWI Hi9 Air 4Gファブレット4GB RAM 64GB ROM

    관세 면제되는 저렴한 가격!
    lgt 유심 4g 지원되구요~
    고사양은 아니지만 아이들이 쓰기에 그리고 영화 감상용으로 딱이네요. 배터리가 얼마나 버텨줄지 모르겠지만 마음에 듭니다. lgt 알들모바일 패드요금제 유심의 경우 별도 고객센터 거치지 않고 바로 사용 가능하네요. 유심은 마이크로 듀얼유심이구요~
    한대 더 구입할까 고민중이네요.
    적극 추천해요~

  • Chuwi Hi9タブレットPC Chuwi Hi9タブレットPC

    I love this tablet and this brand.
    The tablet is fast and work like a charm.
    I use it every day.

    The only things i dont like is that the android of the tablet don't have any updates and i still couldn't find a way to not allowing the android to cut the CPU speed when battery reach 25%

  • ChuwiノートPC Air Notebook 8GB RAM 128GB EMMC ChuwiノートPC Air Notebook 8GB RAM 128GB EMMC

    Considering price of the product, it helped me for a while for my school. However, if you are going to use it for photoshop etc, you won't be satisfied.
    Beside that, after 3-4 months usage, touchpad is not used to be. I had to repair touchpad because it was not easily clickable.

  • Chuwi Hi12タブレットPC Chuwi Hi12タブレットPC

    The screen is giant and the fact I can switch between windows and android is the stand out fact. I bought the keyboard together to work sometimes on windows. It reads the sd card well and overall good battery. Highly recommend for your budget all in one tablet.

  • CHUWI 13.3インチラップトップ用オリジナルCHUWI収納袋 CHUWI 13.3インチラップトップ用オリジナルCHUWI収納袋

    I love this kind of items since they are very useful, in this case to carry my laptop everywhere I go.
    I definitely recommend it to my friends and everybody.

  • CHUWI Hi13 CWI534 2 in 1タブレットPC CHUWI Hi13 CWI534 2 in 1タブレットPC

    Natural finger-touch screen makes the most of Windows 10. The 3000 x 2000 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity and IPS technology provides wide viewing angles

  • Chuwi Hi13 HI9 PLUS用のオリジナルChuwi HiPen H3デュアルチップスタイラス Chuwi Hi13 HI9 PLUS用のオリジナルChuwi HiPen H3デュアルチップスタイラス

    It was recommended by a "YouTube" reviewer. It's the almost perfect match for my Lenovo Xiaoxin tablet TF-8804...

    Very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend it.

  • Chuwi SurBook CWI538 2タブレットPC Chuwi SurBook CWI538 2タブレットPC

    Boa qualidade de construção.
    Na minha opinião apenas a lentidão do processador prejudica a nota final deste produto.
    Ainda assim, recomendo totalmente.

  • CHUWI Hi10 Air(CWI529)タブレット CHUWI Hi10 Air(CWI529)タブレット

    This is the fastest delivery ever from Gearbest via DHL shipping. Ordered on Thu 6 June 10 am and received the order on Mon 10 June 9 am.

  • CHUWI M - 10000 10050mAh Portable Power Bank CHUWI M - 10000 10050mAh Portable Power Bank

    Non c'è molto da dire preso già in preordine arrivato nei tempi stimati senza problemi. La ricarica rapida funziona bene forse unica pecca il fatto che abbia solo una porta USB. Comunque dura tanto la batteria e non si scarica da sola come altri prodotti

  • CHUWI LapBook CWI533 Notebook CHUWI LapBook CWI533 Notebook

    There was no problem with the shipping, the package arrived in time.

    The product is good, it is working as expected.

  • CHUWI GT Box Windows 10ホームオフィスゲームミニPC CHUWI GT Box Windows 10ホームオフィスゲームミニPC

    The service was outstanding, everything quickly and easily sent. It was as in the calculated temporal Ramhmen been sent in time. Everything was good to track with shipping code! Delivered safely and at no extra cost as paid. Happy again!

  • CHUWI Hipad(CWI520)タブレット3GB + 32GB CHUWI Hipad(CWI520)タブレット3GB + 32GB

    kb 2 hét alatt itt volt áfa és vámmentesen szép képpel és jó akkuidővel thx gearbest

  • CHUWI Hi10 Plus CWI527タブレットPC CHUWI Hi10 Plus CWI527タブレットPC

    Só demorou para chegar, mas fora isso tudo ok, qualidade muito boa, ótimo para estudos é fácil de transportar...

  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4GタブレットPC Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4GタブレットPC

    very nice tablet, big specs low price, very happy, recomended to all received in 2 weeks,great for the price

  • オリジナルChuwi Hi12キーボード オリジナルChuwi Hi12キーボード

    Very happy with the keyboard gives you more options (laptop or tablet)

  • オリジナルChuwi Hi8 / Vi8プラスレザーキーボード保護ケース オリジナルChuwi Hi8 / Vi8プラスレザーキーボード保護ケース

    Su diseño especialmente diseñado para la chuwi Hi8 la hace bastante cómoda y fácil de instalar, además del práctico sistema de imanes para ajustarla.

  • CHUWIノートパソコンWindows 10ノートパソコン CHUWIノートパソコンWindows 10ノートパソコン

    Не для игр. Ютуб, интернет работают отлично. У меня больше года. Полет нормальный.

  • CHUWI AeroBookラップトップ 13.3インチ13.3インチWindows 10 CHUWI AeroBookラップトップ 13.3インチ13.3インチWindows 10

    знакома с данным брендом. и ранее была довольна качеством. одна проблема, для тех, кто не печатает в слепую, шрифт только на латыни (английский).

  • オリジナルChuwi SurBook Mini / VI10 PLUS / Hi10 PLUS / Hi10 Pro / HiPen H2アクティブスタイラスペン オリジナルChuwi SurBook Mini / VI10 PLUS / Hi10 PLUS / Hi10 Pro / HiPen H2アクティブスタイラスペン

    Me gustó, era todo lo que esperaba
    Se conecta solo a la CHUWI Hi10 air, sin necesidad de emparejar.
    Buena Sensibilidad y precisión, en resumen %100 SATISFECHO

  • Chuwi Vi8 Ultra Edition 8 inch Android 4.4 + Windows8.1 Tablet PC Chuwi Vi8 Ultra Edition 8 inch Android 4.4 + Windows8.1 Tablet PC

    Dommage pas de mise à jour android ,par contre mise à jour sous la dernière version de Windows 10 après quelques manipulations car la mémoire et petite.

  • CHUWI HI9 PLUS CWI515 4Gファブレット4 G + 64 G CHUWI HI9 PLUS CWI515 4Gファブレット4 G + 64 G

    L'écran est super de belle couleur claire, assez légère,
    Bonne capacité de mémoire
    Mais elle perd sans raison le réseau de temps en temps.

  • Chuwi Keyboard Holster Protective Cover Case for HiPad LTE Tablet Chuwi Keyboard Holster Protective Cover Case for HiPad LTE Tablet

    produto de boa qualidade achei só um pouquinho pequeno mais o material feito é excelente demoro 21 a 22 dias para chega para o Brasil...............................

  • CHUWI Ublue C  -  100デュアルUSBスマートカー充電器 CHUWI Ublue C - 100デュアルUSBスマートカー充電器

    It is working very well in my car, it loads my motorola moto g6 plus fast and I am satisfied. I highly recommend buying this product