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Beelink is a premium brand of TV set top box and peripherals. It's easy to see the effort that Beelink puts into their design and testing as fans all agree that Beelink is one of the most trustworthy brands. Video quality and speed is not sacrificed by the size-of-your-palm device.

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レビュースコア平均ベース 196レビュー

  • Beelink J34 Intel Apollo Lake Celeron J3455ミニPC Beelink J34 Intel Apollo Lake Celeron J3455ミニPC

    I've been using my Beelink J34( 8GB RAM+128GB SSD ) for a week now and am quite pleased with its performance. I was concerned, after reading some reviews about difficulties installing Linux distros on Beelink min pcs, that Linux might be troublesome to install, but after adjusting a few settings in the BIOS( UEFI should be enabled rather than legacy), Linux installed easily. I first installed a 240 GB SSD where I installed MX Linux without a hitch and left Window 10 on the built-in 128 GB SSD and I'm now able to boot to Windows or Linux, both of which operate fast and smoothly. I should also mention that I have had no problem with Wifi or audio running the Linux distro, problems that others installing Linux on their Beelinks have mentioned. Thus, so far, so good for me.

  • Beelink GTmini  - スマートTVボックス2.4Gボイスリモート Beelink GTmini - スマートTVボックス2.4Gボイスリモート

    Very smart and small box. It work like in descripții, with one except. Netflix give an error, but beelink coustomer service help anyone who ask him for help, they give a new key and instruction to instal, 100%functional, but in a 4K tv i obtain only 1080p HD movie. I make this and work. About box, its smaller than i imagine, and more powerful for compare for example with GT Ultimate. About sistem, android tv sistem its most dificult to configure than an normal Android, but with pacient and smoke you will rezolve all problem. Very fast shipping time, thanks Gearbest!

  • Beelink L55 ミニ PC 8GB DDR3L + 512GB SSD Beelink L55 ミニ PC 8GB DDR3L + 512GB SSD

    Das Warten hat sich gelohnt. Die Versprechen werden eingehalten. Was den Vertrieb über Gearbest angeht genauso wie zur bestellten Ware selbst. Alles perfekt. Service und Ware einwandfrei. Der PC ist nicht wie sonst üblich zugemüllt mit irgendwelchen Fremdprogrammen. Windows 10 ist auf dem aktuellen Stand von 11.2019. Kurzes Update und alles ist gut. Hatte mich schon darauf eingestellt Win10 komplett neu aufzuspielen. War also gar nicht nötig. Ich kann den PC nur empfehlen. Die Lüftergeräusche sind übrigens nicht so extrem in manchen Infovideos beschrieben. Läuft alles super und ich kann das Produkt sowie den Händler nur weiter empfehlen und mache dies auch. P.S. Vom Gearbest - Service könnten einige Internethändler lernen.....

  • Beelink T4新しいデスクトップミニPC Beelink T4新しいデスクトップミニPC

    I was planning to buy one mini pc for my you ger brother who is currently studying in grade 4 therefore i did some research on it and finally found this mini pc with good features and reasonable price. It can be easily fir inside you pockets and can be carried anywhere you like.Since its low weight and size is very portable. My brother really loved it because it was easy to set up and works very well with Windows 10. It is by far the fastest browsing and start up. Over all, very good product for the money, thanks.

  • ボイスリンク付きBeelink GT1 MINI TVボックス ボイスリンク付きBeelink GT1 MINI TVボックス

    The shipping was exremely fast , less than 3 weeks, but the tracking service was very poor, i received the product and the tracking reflected one week later.
    the cables, hdmi and power are very short and the hdmi doesn't work i had to use another one.
    Nevertheless the tv box acomplishes all the expectations, is really fast, all the apps work fluid. The remote can be a little tricky to use at the begining but later is very practice.

  • Beelink Gemini X55 Ultimate MINIPC Beelink Gemini X55 Ultimate MINIPC

    Lo uso attaccato alla TV. Ho dei problemi di connessione con Samsung, ma va benissimo con LG. La scheda miniSD è scomoda da usare con le dita, serve una cosa sottile per premere la Molla e farla uscire. Per il resto è ottimo, regge il 4k, usato per HD recording con cubase, office, video e navigazione. Scattante e veloce. Cortana non mi sente, credo per la distanza. Lo abbiamo ad una tastiera/touchpad bluetooth. Consigliato!
    Prendero' il nuovo modello per mio padre'

  • Beelink GT1-音声リモコンTVボックス Beelink GT1-音声リモコンTVボックス

    I recieved the beelink GT1 android box
    It was easy to setup and use. I preformes GREAT , Runs
    fast, no lagging . I would recommend this box for the price, you get a great processor and 4 GiG or Ram with 32 gig of rom . Expandable to 64 which I have done.
    You will love the Beelink android box as I did !
    You cant get a better box for the money.

  • Beelink GS1 6K TVボックス Beelink GS1 6K TVボックス

    Galera essa Tv Box é show de bola, atende todos os requisito das minhas listas de IPTV, roda liso, liso, e ainda serve como vídeo game, pois seu processador é super potente , emuladores etc. Quem conhece sabe, pois ela é 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM mas é muito mais rápida do que as de 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, porque ela tem um super processador e uma ótima placa de vídeo. o produto chegou antes do prazo, produto de luxo. pode comprar que eu garanto.

  • Beelink A1 TV Box Beelink A1 TV Box

    Igual como na descriçao, Marcas: Beelink
    Core: Quatro Core
    CPU : ARM Cortex-A53
    GPU : Mali-450MP2
    Modelo: A1
    RAM: 4G RAM
    Tipo de RAM: DDR3
    ROM: ROM 32G
    Sistema: Android 7.1
    Tipo: TV Box
    Máxima Capacidade de Discos Rígidos Externos: 4TB
    Processador: RK3328
    o envio demoro mas chego

  • Beelink GT1 Ultimate TVボックス Beelink GT1 Ultimate TVボックス

    This one of the very best android TV Box out there. tested and verified. for me i was looking for something worth the money and at the same time works fine, and so i came across Beelink GT1 Ultimate. i absolutely recommend this TV Box. its really the Ultimate.

  • Beelink GT-King Pro Android 9.0コア ELEC Linux デュアルオペレーティングシステムHiFiロスレスサウンド4K TVボックス Beelink GT-King Pro Android 9.0コア ELEC Linux デュアルオペレーティングシステムHiFiロスレスサウンド4K TVボックス

    This box is great. My last box was sluggish. This fixes all that and more. Its very fast and switching between apps or installing them is so fast. tge only thing I couldnt find was a manual reset button. Go get this box it has alot of memory too.

  • Beelink BT4デスクトップミニPC Beelink BT4デスクトップミニPC

    Курьер доставил коробку с BT4 домой. В комплект входит крепеж, что бы вешать на стену, или на заднюю сторону телевизора. Подключилось быстро. Винда обновилась без проблем. Стороннего рекламного софта пока не заметно. В целом - работает достаточно быстро, тяжелые фильмы вполне тянет. Рекомендую.

  • Beelink GT1mini  -  2.4Gボイスリモコン付き2スマートテレビボックス Beelink GT1mini - 2.4Gボイスリモコン付き2スマートテレビボックス

    According to technical parameters very good TV box, especially internet connection speed 1GB. I use with Kodi application, works OK. Some apps that are not suitable for Android TV may cause device incompatibility.

  • Beelink Gemini N N4100ミニPC Beelink Gemini N N4100ミニPC

    Ich habe den PC jetzt 1 jahr und bin sehr zufrieden .
    Er läuft min Win 10 an meinem 55 zoll plasma.
    Habe zusätzlich eine m2 von transcent (240gb) verbaut,und win darauf geklont.
    Die m2 läuft jetzt als bootlaufwerk.
    Sie ist wessentlich schneller als die normal verbaute ssd.
    Siedler hd und Age of Empire 2 hd läuft auch.
    W-lan ist überragend,auf 5ghz.
    Alles in allem ist dieser N41 sehr zu empfehlen .

  • Beelink SEA I TVボックスRealtek 1295クアッドコアCPU Beelink SEA I TVボックスRealtek 1295クアッドコアCPU

    Beelink SEA I TV Box Realtek. The Beelink SEA I features the latest processor. It is equipped with the Realtek 1295 CPU which enables you to have a smooth entertainment experience. It also has a 3D noise reduction filter.

  • Beelink T4新しいデスクトップミニPC Beelink T4新しいデスクトップミニPC

    comprei 2. um funcionando corretamente. o outro não ligou. já entrei em contato com o site e resolvemos da melhor maneira. o que chegou funcionando é ideal para usar como um reprodutor de mídias, usar como um PC para escritório... nada muito pesado.

  • ボイスリンク付きBeelink GT1 MINI TVボックス ボイスリンク付きBeelink GT1 MINI TVボックス

    Beelink GT1 MINI TV Box пришел в указанный магазином срок. Упаковка отличная. В комплекте пришла аэромышь, очень удобно работать. Блок работает отлично, настройка не составила труда. К блоку дополнительно подключил веб. камеру с микрофоном, теперь все приложениями можно управлять (искать) голосом, а не только через Google. Покупкой очень доволен.

  • Beelink GTmini  - スマートTVボックス2.4Gボイスリモート Beelink GTmini - スマートTVボックス2.4Gボイスリモート

    Not official ATV OS but works smoothly.. bought this box because Netflix supposedly worked but it doesn’t and will only work in 480p. Mecool KM3 is better by far and is actually google certified.

  • Beelink GTmini  - スマートTVボックス2.4Gボイスリモート Beelink GTmini - スマートTVボックス2.4Gボイスリモート

    Been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I have zero complaints. Steams anything with ease and been playing retro games on it aswell. Great value for money, delivery was very quick aswell.

  • Beelink BT3 ProミニPC Beelink BT3 ProミニPC

    Escolheste produto por causa do preço de achei de 1º momento que não ia ser bom mas me surpreendi para trabalho básico planilha internet emails atendi com muita eficiência as expectativas

  • Beelink J45ミニPC Beelink J45ミニPC

    I need a PC for work only and this brings me everything what i need. No more ussless cable or big boxes. Only monitor and this PC on back. So far i work on it for 2 months and the diffrence in work what i feel is wait like 1s. more for opening browsers or webpages. Rest works perfect. Even if you wanna watch netflix.

  • Beelink Gemini X55 Ultimate MINIPC Beelink Gemini X55 Ultimate MINIPC

    I've purchased a few items from this company and this one has to be my most appreciated. works for what I bought it for and are able to hook up 2 HD monitors due to the 2 HDMI ports.

  • Beelink Gemini X45プレミアムミニPC Beelink Gemini X45プレミアムミニPC

    The speed provided by the SSD is great for office work. The expansion capacity to place a 2.5 '' HDD is quite good, providing the option of having speed and large storage capacity.

    The CPU performance is quite powerful even for design programs such as GIMP and Sillouette Studio.

  • Beelink MINI MXIII II TVボックスAmlogic S905Xクワッドコア Beelink MINI MXIII II TVボックスAmlogic S905Xクワッドコア

    Absolutely fantastic android tv box!
    Highly recommendation for those who intend to use kodi or iptv applications.

  • ボイスリンク付きBeelink GT1 MINI TVボックス ボイスリンク付きBeelink GT1 MINI TVボックス

    Норм малютка такая. Доставка быстрая, меньше трех недель. Советую заказывать сразу аэромышь.
    без нее не возможно пользоваться браузером.

  • Beelink Mini MX TV Box Android 5.1 Amlogic S905 Quad-core Beelink Mini MX TV Box Android 5.1 Amlogic S905 Quad-core

    Those were one of the most affordable TV Boxes, although android updates could be more easier to download an more frequently released.

  • Beelink T4新しいデスクトップミニPC Beelink T4新しいデスクトップミニPC

    Отличный комп. Греется ощутимо, но руку не обжигает. Win10 работает достаточно шустро. Кабель HDMI в комплекте не очень.

  • Beelink BT3 - X ミニPC Beelink BT3 - X ミニPC

    Ottimo MiniPC. Lo utilizzo collegato al televisore di casa come mediacenter e lo trovo davvero comodo. Fornito anche delle staffe di montaggio VESA per fissarlo dietro al monitor/TV. Peccato arrivi con attacco non EU ma con adattatore.

  • Beelink Gemini X45ミニPC EU Beelink Gemini X45ミニPC EU

    This Beelink Mini pc is perfect see my unboxing video and hdd installation

  • Beelink MiniMXIII TV Box 1000M LAN Beelink MiniMXIII TV Box 1000M LAN

    Amazing product! Love it so much, Shipping Service very good, Consumer Service very good, Order Rating very good !!!