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AILADUN was established in China. As an excellent brand, AILADUN focuses on Shoes & Bags, offering the best products. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have been sold exceptionally well around the world. We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

4.7 5のうち

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  • AILADUNメンズスポーツシューズ通気性Lサイズ AILADUNメンズスポーツシューズ通気性Lサイズ

    Amazing breathable sport shoes. They are fashionable when you're going for the outdoorsy look -- but they are extremely functional and comfortable. With the elastic lacing system there is ample range of adjustment for size and width variations in your foot. There is an elastic heel strap which allows you to set the tension on the laces once, then slip the shoes on and off without further adjustments to the laces. These shoes fit comfortably, have a cushioned rubber insole, and there is ample room around my toes so that they do not rub. They were really well built and I could walk in them in dry and on land. I think these are quite well made, as they should be for the price paid.

  • AILADUNメンズシューズメッシュファブリックカジュアルアウトドア通気性 AILADUNメンズシューズメッシュファブリックカジュアルアウトドア通気性

    I have always been afraid of buying shoes from the Internet because you never know what you will get. Whether it is suitable, whether it can be returned, and so on. However, I can't resist this because they look very cool, stylish, and also very suitable for the upcoming summer outfits. Then I started measuring my foot length according to the seller's instructions and tried to buy it. According to the size comparison of the chart, I made a choice. The parcel arrived faster than I expected. When I opened the package, I was touched, and the shoes were very suitable after wearing them, and they were very comfortable. I highly recommend buying these shoes.

  • AILADUNメンズシンプルキープ暖かい雪のブーツカジュアルアウトドアシューズアンチコリジョン足 AILADUNメンズシンプルキープ暖かい雪のブーツカジュアルアウトドアシューズアンチコリジョン足

    Die Lieferung ging schnell und problemlos. Die Schuhe sind sehr angenehm leicht und passen sehr gut (Gr. 45). Sie sind mit einem Weichen Webpelz gefüttert und das Obermaterial ist so etwas wie Softshell oder Neopren. Angenehm breites Fussbett, mit sehr schmalen Füßen könnten sie etwas locker sitzen. Lassen sich durch zwei dehnbare, schwarze Gummizungen an jedem Schuh sehr bequem durch einfaches hineinschlüpfen anziehen. Habe sie sofort nach Erhalt vorsichtshalber sofort mit Imprägnierspray behandelt, jetzt muß sich zeigen wie wasserdicht sie sind.

  • AILADUNメンズ中空アウト通気性カジュアルシューズ AILADUNメンズ中空アウト通気性カジュアルシューズ

    AS AS ADVERTISED!!! The quality exceeded my expectations... Absolutely beautiful shoes. What is pictured is EXACTLY what I received.
    There are lots of holes on the upper to provide airy wearing experience, I always doing sports, the same in hot weathers, so these breathable shoes are perfect for me. The toe seems through special design, with its unique structure, my feet feel much less collision than wearing other shoes.
    They fit nicely and worked great, very easy to put on, and very lightweight, now I really regret not buying these shoes earlier, before my last race.
    Highly recommend.
    Many thanks.

  • AILADUNメンズ通気性アウトドアカジュアルシューズ AILADUNメンズ通気性アウトドアカジュアルシューズ

    I was hesitant to buy online without trying them on but overall very happy with the fit as well as the way they look.
    I love doing outdoor sport especially water sport. Last weekend I went to rafting and was wearing this pear. The mesh upper of the shoes give my feet good breathability. Not like some other sneakers give me the stinky felling wear it without the socks. I use those for running as well, I think it is not only a water shoe but also a good shoe for doing regular sport.
    What's more, they are also very soft even foldable, light as they can fit at any small bag and use them when needed.

  • AILADUNメンズメッシュ生地スリップオンカジュアルシューズ超軽量通気性 AILADUNメンズメッシュ生地スリップオンカジュアルシューズ超軽量通気性

    Very affordable with a cool design! For the price and the descriptions, I knew I had to try them.
    Comfortable, well-built, and with a vibrant modern design. It' a great shoe for working out and for running errands while going to and from the gym.
    Had been wearing everyday for a week, they are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable so far. I love that they are affordable and hope they last. Also like that they have a normal insole, I give 5stars and will definitely come back for more later, I am so tempted to get another pair because I am so pleased with the ones I have. Thank you!

  • AILADUNメンズ2階牛革カジュアルシューズレースアップ AILADUNメンズ2階牛革カジュアルシューズレースアップ

    These are some good-looking shoes and it stands out. Two people noticed and complimented the shoes when I wore them the first day. They fit perfectly. These shoes are great. Just what I wanted, and really look nice. They are perfect for dressing up a casual look. I can’t pull them off with shorts, but hey, maybe you can. They look fantastic with jeans or slacks. They are comfortable. Overall I am very pleased. I highly recommend these if you want people to notice your impeccable taste in fashion, which in this judgemental society is a must.

  • AILADUNメンズメッシュ生地通気性アウトドアクライミングシューズ AILADUNメンズメッシュ生地通気性アウトドアクライミングシューズ

    I like these shoes a lot. I used them for hiking and climbing. The only complaint I have is they took longer than expected to dry. They are comfortable when wearing and have great grip on the bottom. I definitely recommend these for hiking and climbing. The quality looks better than what I've expected for the price range, the shipping fee is more than reasonable and the delivery has taken quite a short time. All in all I think I've got what is called a 'bang for the buck'. If there is a need, I will come to this site again.

  • AILADUNメンズアウトドアフルグレインレザーカジュアルシューズLサイズ AILADUNメンズアウトドアフルグレインレザーカジュアルシューズLサイズ

    The shoes look great and are very comfortable. The shoe laces are a bit long but I can cut them to my desired length. I bought the red wine colored shoes and it's true to the color in the picture. I will probably end up buying the gray ones as well. Absolutely amazing!!! Don't let the low price fool you, very high quality shoes!!! Item as described. This shoe is not only fashionable, but also very comfortable and breathable, I will recommend it to my friends. highly recommended! ! I hope my evaluation is helpful to you! !

  • AILADUNメンズ厚底通気性カジュアルシューズラージサイズ AILADUNメンズ厚底通気性カジュアルシューズラージサイズ

    VERY comfortable shoes! I've worn them everyday for over a month and they haven't stretched and gotten loose at all...as I hoped that they would do 'cuz I wanted them to be sloppy, easy slip on shoes to wear around the house and in the garage.
    The heels are wearing a little bit faster than I would like, but, I am a big guy and I have been wearing them on rough concrete and asphalt.
    These shoes are much better quality and are much more durable than I expected and will buy them again when they finally do wear out!

  • AILADUNメンズアウトドアスポーツシューズ AILADUNメンズアウトドアスポーツシューズ

    Кроссовки приехали
    Я бы сказал, что это классика во всех смыслах. Если кто носил в 2000-ных известный бренд на букву р. То это он. И в плане подошвы и как сидит на ноге.
    Размер соответствует старым советским размерам у меня нога 40. Купил 41 под средний носок.
    Внутри мягко и комфортно. Снаружи радует то, что на наиболее проблемных местах, а именно пятка и носок;(это то что в метро обычно оттаптывают) вставки из плотного прорезиненного материала.
    Проходил в них целый вечер, нога не устала. Про температурный режим сказать ничего не могу еще тепло на улице.
    Вообщем рекомендую. Соотношение цена, качество идеальное.

  • AILADUN男性ミッドハイスリップオン雪のブーツアウトドアレジャーシューズ大サイズ AILADUN男性ミッドハイスリップオン雪のブーツアウトドアレジャーシューズ大サイズ

    Excellent boots for winter! I love those boots, feel so comfortable, soft and warm.
    Fit perfect, have no problems to break in.
    Compare to my other boots, qualities of those shoes are similar, but this one has much lower price. I am pretty sensitive to cold and warm of my foot because I walk one hour every day at night. These shoes keep my feet warm for one hour walk.
    Love it!!

  • AILADUNメンズシューズ通気性アウトドアスポーツLサイズ AILADUNメンズシューズ通気性アウトドアスポーツLサイズ

    I got these to wear around the house in the warmer months, as I require something well ventilated due to excessive sweating and foot odor. These are GREAT! Product is exactly as advertised. Extremely comfortable as soon as I put them on and very well ventilated. This is what I expected. I have a high arch so I can never use it as a track shoe for everyday use but as a quick dry it's more comfortable than rubber ones I have. I like the design of it better.

  • AILADUNメンズ通気性メッシュアウトドアスポーツシューズ AILADUNメンズ通気性メッシュアウトドアスポーツシューズ

    Very good outdoor sneaker. They look great they’re super comfortable and they fit as expected. They fit perfect. Fabric seems to be durable and the foam is soft For comfort. They seem really well-made I’ll be using them for work so I’ll update this after I wear that now. Great shoe for the price!!!! These are one of the best shoes I have bought, they are great for daily activities as they are slip resistant and very breathable. This deserves 5 stars.

  • AILADUNメンズシューズ通気性カジュアル AILADUNメンズシューズ通気性カジュアル

    The shoes arrived on time and packaging was great. The exterior of the shoe looked very clean. They are so comfy and great to wear for work where I tend to walk often. The look great and very nice. They are worn as a daily work shoe and I had no major wear this past week and a half besides normal work hour routine and walking. This is a light, energetic, comfortable and very good looking shoe. I am totally satisfied with it and totally recommend it.

  • AILADUNメンズハンドメイドカジュアルジッパーデザインシューズ AILADUNメンズハンドメイドカジュアルジッパーデザインシューズ

    Amazing casual leather shoes, but I would appreciate a sole with more substance. The pair that I’ve worn for this short bit of time has worn dramatically. I'm happy I found the right one. These feel great. They were just a little bit loose, but thicker socks fixed that. I'm always a sock wearer, so it works fine for me. The are high in build quality and shoes are really comfortable. The shoes are light comfortable and good looking.

  • AILADUNメンズシューズカジュアルミシンラージサイズレザー AILADUNメンズシューズカジュアルミシンラージサイズレザー

    These are really, really soft and flexible. he parcel of this shoes was pretty, I can't believe that it was sent from such a far away place. My husband needed a pair of business-casual shoes for work, but he's picky about non-skid soles, so I got these for him. The shoes were not deformed, they are beautiful and comfortable. He really likes them, says they are as comfortable as his house-slipper moccasins he loves. Great purchase!

  • AILADUNメンズアウトドアスポーツシューズ AILADUNメンズアウトドアスポーツシューズ

    Exactly what my husband wanted. He found these shoes at a local store but they were not able to get his size. This seller had them and they were delivered fast. Husband wore them the day he received them while we shopped all day and loved the feel of them. Yes they are supposed to be hiking shoes but he insists they are all purpose shoes for daily wear. Says they are built for comfort for hiking. Anyways he loves them.

  • AILADUNメンズカジュアルシューズ通気性ラージサイズデザイン AILADUNメンズカジュアルシューズ通気性ラージサイズデザイン

    This show is unbelievably comfortable and stylish. I purchased these for my husband who is very particular when it comes to footwear. He has recieved multiple compliments, but i wad really only looking for comfort. These shoes are wide enough for him to add support insoles without feeling like stuffing the foot in. He loves them! These shoes are certainly worth a try, extremely comfortable and good looking!

  • AILADUNメンズ通気性アウトドアスポーツシューズハイキング AILADUNメンズ通気性アウトドアスポーツシューズハイキング

    I ordered the shoes by accident. I had intended to put them in my wish list and evidently hit order now instead. I was anticipating returning them as soon as they arrived but I thought well, try them on first. Boy am I glad I did! The shoes are awesomely comfortable and they fit perfectly! I'll admit I was first interested in the shoe because of the sapphire blue color, but they have exceeded my expectations!

  • AILADUNメンズファッションレザーLサイズマルチカラーカジュアルシューズ AILADUNメンズファッションレザーLサイズマルチカラーカジュアルシューズ

    I've only been wearing them for 2 days but so far so good. They look great and are very light weight and comfortable. Now I'll have to see how they wear. This shoe is super comfortable, durable and fits well. The laces stay tied well and can almost work as slip ons if you want them too. The color is a little more auburn than I expected, but I have received a few compliments on them, so I am very happy with these shoes.

  • AILADUNメンズ中空アウト通気性カジュアルシューズ AILADUNメンズ中空アウト通気性カジュアルシューズ

    The quality of the sole is wonderful, gives an excellent cushion but very comfortable. First of all, it fits perfect, was really surprised. The design is amazing, I get a lot of compliments and people thinks it an expensive brand. Definitely great for the gym. If they are worth buying, of course, I would definitely buy them again.

  • AILADUNメンズシンプルキープ暖かい雪のブーツカジュアルアウトドアシューズアンチコリジョン足 AILADUNメンズシンプルキープ暖かい雪のブーツカジュアルアウトドアシューズアンチコリジョン足

    These boots are very warm, you can feel the warmth the second you put them on. These are lightweight and comfortable when walking around.
    Although they are man boots, but I thick they also cute enough for girls to wear, just like the picture I show.
    These will be good for me to take the dog out in the winter or fast trips in & out of the car to small errands.

  • AILADUN通気性手縫いメンズカジュアルレザーシューズLサイズ AILADUN通気性手縫いメンズカジュアルレザーシューズLサイズ

    They were delivered this afternoon, well made shoes at first glare. They seem to be of very good quality, and happy with the fit and style. The 1st day they were snug. NOT AT ALL PAINFULLY SNUG..by the end of the day... it was painless wearing them..they fit and feel great! better everyday, honestly, for me, these are an all day comfortable wear, they're so comf...and immediately order them in another color

  • AILADUN男性ミッドハイ暖かいブーツアウトドアレジャーシューズソックスの口 AILADUN男性ミッドハイ暖かいブーツアウトドアレジャーシューズソックスの口

    Good quality and nice looking boot. Very warm inside ( fleece). Very comfortable and fits just right. I feel like I'm walking on a cloud!
    It just fulfilled all my needs.
    Keeps the feet warm, water resistent, harsh usage also won't damage the product, totaly happy and satisfied for this purchase.

  • AILADUNメンズ低トップアウトドアカジュアルブーツ大足ツーリングシューズ AILADUNメンズ低トップアウトドアカジュアルブーツ大足ツーリングシューズ

    Got these boots for a trip out West. They are cool and comfortable and kept my feet warm. Offered nice support to my terrible flat feet, which made walking a joy and not the painful ordeal it normally is.
    I love these boots. They made walking in the cold a wonderful worthwhile experience.

  • AILADUNメンズ英国スタイルのファッションカジュアルシューズは、ポインテッドトゥのデザインレースアップ AILADUNメンズ英国スタイルのファッションカジュアルシューズは、ポインテッドトゥのデザインレースアップ

    I bought 42 size as usual, these shoes fit and look great, lightweight meanwhile feel durable. Taking them to stroll around Ireland in the fall.
    Great purchase, at this price point I wasn't expecting the world, so was very pleasantly surprised at just how much I like these boots.

  • AILADUNメンズ通気性アウトドアスポーツシューズ AILADUNメンズ通気性アウトドアスポーツシューズ

    This shoe is very light and soft. It's very comfortable to wear. And it's breathable, and after walking for a long time, it won't feel sweat, and it won't feel as uncomfortable as other shoes. I also wear it when I run. It feels great. These shoes weigh practically nothing. Liked them so much, I ordered a pair for the wife. Durability is the only question for now. A good shopping trip.

  • AILADUNメンズメッシュ生地超軽量通気性シューズレタープリント AILADUNメンズメッシュ生地超軽量通気性シューズレタープリント

    The moment I received it, I was surprised. Express delivery is very fast, I trust the delivery speed of Gearbest. More importantly, it is very suitable, and the effect of wearing is beyond my expectations. The sole is very anti-slippery and the upper is a hollow mesh design that is very breathable. Casual style, easy to match. I'm very happy. I highly recommend this shoe.

  • 耐久性のあるAILADUNマンミッドハイ手縫いカジュアルシューズソリッドカラーレースアップ大サイズ履物 耐久性のあるAILADUNマンミッドハイ手縫いカジュアルシューズソリッドカラーレースアップ大サイズ履物

    I ordered 43 as usual, and the shoes fits me well, correct size!
    They look better on people, very comfortable to wear, and the body is soft, I can easily fold it with one hand(you can see in my pictures).
    Very satisfied with my purchase, for the price, they are just my must buy!