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Teclast was founded in 1999 as an integrated digital brand which devotes itself to Information Technology and R&D for consumer digital products, product design and manufacturing, marketing, sales and product services. By developing its diversified product line, it has successively introduced different kinds of personalized products such as optical storage devices, removable storage devices, digital players, tablets, eReaders, PC input peripherals and webcams to the market. To date, the brand has successfully gained at least 80 million users and made its great contribution to the popularity of Hi-tech application and the pace of industry development of the digital world. As a well-known digital brand, Teclast adopts its brand concept of ‘To let more people enjoy the digital life’, which means to utilize its technical strength and distribution channel advantages to produce a variety of innovative and stable digital products for the users to enjoy the convenience brought by the latest technology. In order to achieve the goal, Teclast invested huge funds to build up its own product R&D center. It positively introduces fashionable design concepts and innovative technology applications to continually improve its products’ technical content, thereby fulfilling the individualized consumption of business and personal users. In addition, Teclast has set up a convenient after-sales service system to provide solid technical support for its brand users. Teclast adheres to innovation. It founded its Consumer Digital Electronics Engineering Technology R&D center to manages the entire R&D process of consumer digital products from project outset to market launch. The powerful research and development strength of the Teclast R&D sector enables it to release a brand new product on average every 1.5 months and maintain the leading position throughout the consumer digital electronics market. The brand has obtained 93 patents, seven terms of software copyrights and one of its MP3 player products X19 has been awarded ‘the Best Design Prize’ by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office. Finally, Teclast has joined the Madrid Agreement and gained brand registered trademarks in more than one hundred different countries around the world. Teclast adheres to the principle of ‘quality comes first’. It continuously creates user demand to improve the performance and technical content of its products. Teclast has strict quality requirements for its factories to ensure every product is produced by the first-class production lines with world-class R&D standards. These strict manufacturing regulations help Teclast to reach a 99.8% pass rate and keep the user product failure rate lower than 0.005%. Meanwhile, Teclast always keep technical exchanges and good cooperative relationships with world-class manufacturers. Therefore, all the great effects made by Teclast allow it to tackle all the quality issues that can appear on production line. Meanwhile, Teclast regularly updates the firmware of its products and optimizes all the pre-installed applications to enhance the user experiences of the customers. After entering the market, Teclast received great praise and wide recommendation from the local IT media including MicroComputer, Popular Computer Week, cfan, PConline and ZOL. All of these fruitful achievements are the affirmation of Teclast's vision and also its motivation to achieve more. Today, the brand of Teclast has been spread all over China and became one of the most well-known IT and digital brands. By implementing ‘quality comes first’ corporate philosophy, Teclast’s brand vision is to continuously improve its brand features and service quality to meet higher user demands for different groups of users. We believe with the desire to become the world’s leading IT and digital brand, Teclast will succeed in the global market in the near future.

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  • 1タブレットPC 8GB RAM 256GB SSDに付きTeclast X6 Pro 2 1タブレットPC 8GB RAM 256GB SSDに付きTeclast X6 Pro 2

    Overall Thoughts:
    Bought as a gift for my Wife and I spent a couple weeks on it for testing before giving it to her. Overall, it's a pretty decent machine.

    - There's very little boot-up time and it runs multiple programs without much lag.
    - Windows seems genuine, which isn't ALWAYS the case from Asia.
    - The screen resolution is absolutely spectacular! The colors aren't bad, either.
    - Ample storage space and a pretty decent I/O

    - As stated, the resolution is just wildly good. What that means, though, is that some things, like buttons or text are difficult to actually press, being so incredibly tiny. All of this can be changed, of course, if you're tech-savvy but, if you're looking at giving this as a gift for a grandparent (as an example) you may want to look elsewhere.
    - The screen is not exactly as responsive as it should be and requires pretty rough touches to activate and, if you activate the screen calibration in Windows, it'll mess up your touch screen altogether. I had to connect a real mouse by USB to undo the changes. There's a couple registry tricks you can apply to make the sensitivity better but, again, would be a tech-savvy option only.
    - It does get VERY warm and so, CPU throttling kicks in pretty readily, reducing your computing power.
    - When shipped the Windows was in Korean so, I had to learn enough to get into the settings and change it over
    - The power adaptor is huge and bulky when in its USA/CAN configuration. I'd recommend a universal power brick, with interchangeable heads for this tablet.

  • Teclast P15 15,000mAhモバイルパワーバンク Teclast P15 15,000mAhモバイルパワーバンク

    I have a number of devices that require periodic charging and if I am travelling (which is often), I seldom have access to a power outlet. I depend on powerbanks to charge my devices and I usually lug around a few powerbanks - this get tedious very fast as the weight adds up quickly and space is also a constraint in my travel bag. This powerbank is a hefty size (see the pic I attached - the device next to it is a Fire 6") but it has 4 ports (2 fast charging and 2 normal charging ports) and an effective capacity of 15000 mAh, which is sufficient to charge all my devices multiple times. The powerbank is surprisingly light-weight and has an excellent display (the display is cool white and doesn't hurt the eyes when I charge the powerbank overnight). Overall, I am very happy with this powerbank and would recommend it to anyone who has a lot of devices and travels frequently.

  • Teclast Tbook 10 S ツーインワンタブレットPC(スタイラス付き) Teclast Tbook 10 S ツーインワンタブレットPC(スタイラス付き)

    The tablet was not working correctly when I received it. there were a lot of issues in Android.
    The most severe issue was with the FREE (available) storage space. It was REDUCED every day without any reason (even after a reset without any account and none application). I asked from GearBest (at customer support) and they helped me very much. I want to notice here that I also asked 2 times for help from Teclast but no one answered me.
    I installed (re-flashed) the Android though my computer to the tablet accordingly the instructions from GearBest and the issue was resolved.
    However the tablet has a lot of compatibility issues especially in Android. For example: the Facebook and Facebook Lite apps are not working. I managed to install one older version of Facebook Lite that was working.
    I notice here that I haven't see any issue with Windows 10.
    Thanks a lot to GearBest for the aftersale support.

  • Teclast P80H 8.0インチ4GタブレットPC Teclast P80H 8.0インチ4GタブレットPC

    Планшет на минималках, для простых задач, один гб оперативной памяти все таки.
    Несмотря на то, что заголовок говорит о наличии 4G, сим карту сюда не поставить.
    Есть разъем для карты памяти, микрохдми.
    В общем детям в самый раз.
    A tablet on minimums, for simple tasks, one GB of RAM all the same.
    Despite the fact that the title indicates the presence of 4G, you can’t put a SIM card here.
    There is a slot for a memory card, microHDMI.
    In general, children just right.

  • Teclast T10タブレットPC指紋センサー Teclast T10タブレットPC指紋センサー

    Tablette très réactive. 64 GO de mémoire en théorie mais près de 59 GO en réalité car il y a quelques applications déjà installées. Très bons sons stéréo et assez puissants pour une tablette. Très belle qualité d'images et vidéos si le support est sain à l'origine. Très réactive et rapide. Fonction bluetooth top même sur des appareils anciens. Capté de suite le signal. Idem pour le Wifi 2.4 ou 5 pour le réseau. Ok pour la carte micro SDHC de 128 GO (acheté séparément). Tablette très agréable et facile d'utilisation pour mon usage privé. Avec sa prise mini HDMI rare maintenant. Premières impressions très bonnes.

  • Teclast F6 Plus 13.3インチコンバーチブルラップトップ8GB 256GB 360°フリップアンドフォールドFHD IPSディスプレイタッチスクリーンインテルN4100チップ38Wh(10000mAh / 3.8V)バッテリー Teclast F6 Plus 13.3インチコンバーチブルラップトップ8GB 256GB 360°フリップアンドフォールドFHD IPSディスプレイタッチスクリーンインテルN4100チップ38Wh(10000mAh / 3.8V)バッテリー

    I am glad with this purchase. This laptop is great for its price, there is nothing to complain.

    I bought it used for a basic computer needs at home. What I will do with is just Office, surfing youtube, and searching videos. This computer handles it well. What I like most is the IPS screen, which is gorgeous. There is not much difference to my gaming laptop which cost me thrice. Other feathers are also good enough for me. Love this device.

  • Teclast P10HD 10.1インチ4Gファブレット8コアCPU Android 9.0 3GB / 32GBBT 5.0 Teclast P10HD 10.1インチ4Gファブレット8コアCPU Android 9.0 3GB / 32GBBT 5.0



  • Teclast UHS-I U1高速16GBマイクロSD / TF /モリカード防水機能付きメ Teclast UHS-I U1高速16GBマイクロSD / TF /モリカード防水機能付きメ

    Super fast micro card 16GB, super price, good quality, I recommend everyone buying this card, Verified Teclast tag

  • Teclast UHS-I U1高速64 GBマイクロSD / TF /メモリーカード防水機能付き Teclast UHS-I U1高速64 GBマイクロSD / TF /メモリーカード防水機能付き

    Микро СД карта памяти доставлена в целости, доставка в срок. Скорость записи - чтения хорошая, запись более 16 МБ/с. И главное - цена - перед 11.11 около 3$. Замечательно! Рекомендую!

  • Teclast C30 30000mAhモバイルパワーバンク Teclast C30 30000mAhモバイルパワーバンク

    Absolut ein super Produkt selbst die Aufladezeit ist in Ordnung ca 6 Std.
    Das Digitale Display ist super und die Handys werden super schnell geladen
    zum vergleich habe noch eine Esager 30 000 die funktioniert nicht so gut wie die Teclast alleine schon wegen des Displays würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen,das Gewicht ist in Ordnung und wäre zum Wandern ein gute Option

  • Teclast X22 AirオールインワンPCデスクトップ Teclast X22 AirオールインワンPCデスクトップ

    buen producto y el precio esta bien, mas adelante cuando lo utilize volvere a valorar. de momento el producto se ve de calidad los materiales son buenos, la istalacion a sido facil y intuitiva, en resumen, es recomendable, el tiempo de espera algo largo.

  • Teclast P10S 10.1インチ4Gファブレット8コアCPU Android 9.0 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Teclast P10S 10.1インチ4Gファブレット8コアCPU Android 9.0 3GB RAM 32GB ROM

    Au vu du prix et de ses fonctionnalités, je suis très satisfait de cette tablette. Utilisation pour écouter de la musique avec enceinte, lecture magasines et visionnage de série.
    Un verre protecteur existe déjà d'origine.
    Seul bémol, j'ai dû payer 30€ de douane pour la première fois. Je pense que c'est dû au transport par avion et donc plus rapide.

  • Teclast P10 4Gファブレット Teclast P10 4Gファブレット

    very happy with the teclast P10 & such a great price.
    So far hasnt skipped a beat.
    Screen is responsive with nice resolution.
    Perfect for youtube, online browsing etc
    Recommend this seller & will definitely use again.

  • Teclast Master T8 Tablet PCの指紋認証 Teclast Master T8 Tablet PCの指紋認証

    Great tablet for a budget price. I've had it for over a year and it's great. Good specs for gaming. Use it for PUBG Mobile and works fine. While there are some minor issues, it's a great product for a sub-$200 price.

  • Teclast F15 15.6インチ ノートブックインテルN4100 8GB / 256GBBackitキーボード Teclast F15 15.6インチ ノートブックインテルN4100 8GB / 256GBBackitキーボード

    Super rapport qualité prix
    Expédition rapide et suivie
    Très bel ordinateur léger et de bonne manufacture
    Très bien pour un étudiant pour bureautique et surfer sur internet
    Très bel écran

  • Teclast T200CF 20000mAhモバイルパワーバンク Teclast T200CF 20000mAhモバイルパワーバンク

    Great item,I would recommend for everyone: )
    It is heavy,but has long live time, I using it for my iphone- for three times can charging full,and rechsrgable in one night. Thanks again for this item :)

  • Teclast F7プラス14.1インチ ノートブックIntel N4100 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Teclast F7プラス14.1インチ ノートブックIntel N4100 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

    Leggero, veloce, autonomia lunga, ottimo per l'uso quotidiano, ufficio e studio. Ovviamente se si iniziano a usare programmi un po' pesanti inizia a laggare ma questo pc non è stato progettato per usare certi programmi. Ottimo prodotto.

  • Teclast UHS-I U1高速64 GBマイクロSD / TF /メモリーカード防水機能付き Teclast UHS-I U1高速64 GBマイクロSD / TF /メモリーカード防水機能付き

    Teclast UHS-I U1 High Speed 64 GB Micro SD / TF / Memory Card with Waterproof Function €6.88
    Teclast UHS-I U1 High Speed 64 GB Micro SD / TF / Memory Card with Waterproof Function €6.88

  • TECLAST NFI USB 3.0フラッシュドライブ防水Uディスク TECLAST NFI USB 3.0フラッシュドライブ防水Uディスク

    Pen bonita, elegante, trabalha bem e por isso dou 5 estrelas... Veio dentro do prazo previsto, veio bem embalado, fiquei satisfeito com está pen e por isso fiquei super satisfeito com está compra... Recomendo....

  • Teclast M8 2.5Kタッチスクリーン3GB / 32GB タブレットPC 8.4インチ Teclast M8 2.5Kタッチスクリーン3GB / 32GB タブレットPC 8.4インチ

    Memory size is enough to play games. I played back movies..Video quality is really good. No freezing...Quality is much much better than other brand tablets.

  • TECLAST T00K充電パワーバンク TECLAST T00K充電パワーバンク

    Хороший стильный павербанк на два гнезда. Плюс датчик заряда тоже присутствует

  • Teclast 98 Octa Coreデュアル4G Phablet Teclast 98 Octa Coreデュアル4G Phablet

    Questo è stato uno dei migliori acquisti fatti su Gearbest. Dopo 2 anni ancora in ottime condizioni e funzionante. Laptop a ottimo prezzo..

  • Teclast A10HタブレットPC 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Teclast A10HタブレットPC 2GB RAM 16GB ROM

    I bought this for my daughter, she use it every day, very fast at surfing on the net, with a very good screen quality. it does not has to be expensive to be good!

  • Teclast NEXのUSB 3.0フラッシュドライブ防水キーホルダーUディスク Teclast NEXのUSB 3.0フラッシュドライブ防水キーホルダーUディスク

    It works really well and I like the design. It arrived on time and it was very well packedI am satisfied with the product , I don't have anything bad to say.

  • Teclast NCXメタルUSB2.0フラッシュドライブUディスク Teclast NCXメタルUSB2.0フラッシュドライブUディスク

    What a terrific flash drive. Solidly built too. Highly recommended at this price.
    Great product, great seller, great delivery, terrific price too.

  • Teclast T10 / T20用タブレットケース Teclast T10 / T20用タブレットケース

    Tablet Case for Teclast T10 / T20 - Black i bought this case to protect my new tablet and found it to be a good fitting case and does protect it.

  • オリジナルTeclast TL-T30 2-in-1磁気キーボードとドッキングインターフェースタブレット用保護カバーケースコンボ オリジナルTeclast TL-T30 2-in-1磁気キーボードとドッキングインターフェースタブレット用保護カバーケースコンボ

    Comprei para usar no trabalho. É óptimo para quem escreve vários emails e usa Excel / word com alguma regularidade.
    Creio que teclado vem em americano (ponto de interrogação e acentuação em locais diferentes) mas facilmente se arranja alternativa.

  • Teclast M20 4G Phablet Teclast M20 4G Phablet

    This is a very nice tablet. Have not used the phone yet,as that will be for travelling abroad.Easy setup and use. Well packaged.

  • Teclast X98 Air 3G Phablet 64GB ROM Teclast X98 Air 3G Phablet 64GB ROM

    despues de unos meses de uso , la tablet se calentaba, y el servicio tecnico se hizo cargo del problema y me la reemplazaron.

  • Original Teclast TBook 10 Keyboard Original Teclast TBook 10 Keyboard

    Utilisé depuis l'achat, la batterie est toujours fonctionnelle. Après avoir collé des stickers pour adapter le clivier en AZERTY, il va très bien pour la tablette. Son poids reste léger et ne pose pas de soucis pour le transport.

    Très satisfait.