Lenovo P8(TAB3 8 Plus)4G Phablet

Lenovo P8(TAB3 8 Plus)4G Phablet

- ネイビー 4Gバージョン

8.0インチAndroid 6.0 Snapdragon 625
4.81 1683 カスタマーレビュー | 英語の説明を参照してください
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Lenovo P8 に関する説明

Lenovo P8(TAB3 8 Plus)4G Phablet Lenovo P8には、 8.0インチ10点タッチIPSスクリーンが装備されています。クアルコムSnapdragon 625プロセッサを搭載し、スムーズな操作と安定したマルチタスク環境を提供します。思い出に残る瞬間と日常生活における高品質の写真をキャプチャするための8.0MPリアカメラデュアルバンド2.4GHz / 5.0GHzのWiFiをサポートし、高速サーフィンを保証します。


●Android 6.0 OS


●クアルコムSnapdragon 625 Octa Core 2.0GHz


●Adreno 506 GPU






●写真と顔のためのデュアルカメラ対面式チャット8.0MP AFリアカメラ+ 5.0MPフロントカメラ


●デュアルバンド2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi 

802.11b / g / n / acワイヤレスインターネット。ウェブ利用可能な無線ネットワーク







TDD LTE: B38/B39/B40/B41



ブランド: レノボ
バッテリ容量(mAhの): 3.8V / 4250mAh、リチウムイオンポリマー電池
ACアダプター: 100-240V / 5.2V 2.0A
Gセンサー: サポートする
Skype : サポートする
Youtube : サポートする
スピーカー機能: サポートする
マイク: サポートする
Google Playストア: サポートする


OS : アンドロイド6.0
CPUブランド: クアルコム
CPU : クアルコムスナップドラゴン625
コア: 2.0GHzの,オクタコア
GPU : 副腎506


RAM : 3ギガバイト
ROM : 16ギガバイト
拡張メモリー: 64ギガバイトまでTFカードまで(含まれていません)


支援ネットワーク: Wi-Fi
ワイヤレスネットワーク: 802.11 b / gに/ nを/交流
2G: GSM 850/1800分の900 / 1900MHzの
3G 機能: WCDMA B1 2100MHz,WCDMA B2 1900MHz,WCDMA B5 850MHz,WCDMA B8 900MHz
4G: B1 2100MHz,B3 1800MHz,TDD B38 2600MHz,TDD B39 1900MHz,TDD B40 2300MHz,TDD B41 2500MHz
GPS 機能: サポートする
マルチメディアフォーマット: 4.0


ネットワークタイプ: 静電容量(10ポイント)
液晶スクリーンサイズ: 8 インチ
IPS : サポートする
スクリーン解像度: 2048 x 1080 (2K)


カメラタイプ: デュアルカメラ(前後)
バックカメラ: 8.0MP
前のカメラ: 0.3MP (フラッシュライト付き)


SIMカード·スロット: ナノSIMカードスロット
TFカードスロット: サポートする
ミクロUSBインターフェース: サポートする
ヘッドフォンジャック: サポートする


オーディオフォーマット: MP3
映像フォーマット: WMV
オフィス用ソフトウェア: Excel,PPT,Word


付属機能: アラーム,ブルートゥース,ブラウザ,電卓,カレンダー,GPS,重力センシングシステム,ボイスメモ,Wi-Fi


タブレットPC: 1
電源アダプター: 1
USBケーブル: 1


製品重量: 0.5860 kg

Lenovo P8(TAB3 8 Plus)4G Phablet- ネイビー 4Gバージョン



4.81 5のうち
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  • Ian Black
    はい (10) 色: Deep Blue サイズ: WiFi Version
    Lenovo P8 Tablet PC
    The 'Lenovo P8' (AKA Lenovo Tab3 8Plus) arrived in genuine Lenovo packaging in perfect condition. After charging and registration there were 2 firmware updates to download totaling ~500mb.
    The ‘Deep Blue’ plastic back is actually close to matte charcoal, and doesn’t collect finger prints.
    The 1200×1920 screen produces nice crisp images and text. It’s bright enough to use in full sunshine, but an AR film could make it it even better.
    The two stereo speakers are quite good, if a bit scratchy at high volumes. For music listening (best using earphones) there’s Dolby Atmos installed which allows enough adjustments to suit anyone.
    The Snapdragon 625 octacore CPU and 3gb RAM gives good enough performance for smooth gaming (on Real Racing anyway), and playing HD videos. It runs Android 6.01 OS.
    The tab isn’t loaded down with lots of bloat apps…just as well since the 16gb ROM could fill quite easily. Fortunately there is provision for adding a micro SD card (via a natty little side drawer), up to 256gb?
    The tab is GPS capable, has a magnetic compass, and has FM radio (only usable with earphones). The 8MP (rear) and 5MP (front) cameras aren’t exactly high spec, but are certainly better than those on most other tabs in this class.
    The 4250mah battery could be a bit larger, but I've not yet noticed fast battery drain while playing games or watching videos.

    Jul 26,2017

  • Dmitry
    はい (2) 色: Deep Blue サイズ: WiFi Version
    Нормальный планшет
    Хороший планшет с вай фаейм. Купил мелкому(2 года) для освоения, как первый планшет очень хороший вариант. 3 гига оперативки сейчас очень актуально. Единственное рамки сверху и снизу великоваты, но зато удобно держать.
    Замечательный планшет. За свои деньги вообще норм, все таки леново норм бренд по сравнении с китайскими ноунеймами

    Feb 15,2018

  • Kleber Correia
    はい (11) 色: Deep Blue サイズ: WiFi Version
    Ótimo custo benefício
    Lenovo P8 ( TAB3 8 Plus ), é um ótimo aparelho. Não é top em configurações, porém supre as necessidades dia-a-dia. Configuração é fácil, como todo Android. Por sinal é o Nougat.
    Não seria bem um contra, mas sim uma observação.

    O modelo é retangular, meio cumprido.

    Semelhante a um pastel..kkk

    Mas vai de cada um, só se acostumar.

    Mar 16,2018

  • Bips
    はい (5) 色: Deep Blue サイズ: WiFi Version
    I ordered it (dark blue) on 11 January 2018. Cost INR 9500. It was mentioned that the item would be shipped on 19 January. I opted for Netherlands Post with insurance. I had also ordered a dark blue case with Auto sleep function along with a tempered glass. Total cost 10800.

    On 24 January I got the tracking. It was marked as pre-advised. Item was shipped from Amsterdam and it was delivered on 6 February here in Hyderabad, India. No customs charges. The well packed item was delivered by India Post.

    The seal was open but all items were intact. Charger was of UK type but there was an adapter included suitable for Indian socket.

    Soon after booting got 3 updates. A word of advice: please reboot after each update so that you will not face any glitch. Android security update was of July 2017. I think this might as well be the last update this tab will see.

    I had an old Samsung SD card (16 GB) and the tab accepted it as internal storage (there are two options to choose from), but it gave a warning that the card is slow. Probably new cards might (Class 10) be better. I read elsewhere that Samsung cards are more compatible. I couldn't verify it.

    Battery life is good. I have been using a Google Nexus 7 2012 so far and I am happy about the upgrade. After watching a movie and reading for a total of 3 hours, the battery inside the Lenovo dipped 15%.

    The screen is extremely bright and if you use it for reading and such, you can't keep the brightness more than 30%. I didn't use it outdoors nor I played games. The tab never became hot in my use.

    Not many bloatware and one can uninstall most.

    FM radio is an added bonus. Connect your earphones and you are ready to go. You can listen to radio while reading.
    The USB cable is about 60 cm long.

    No current Android update.

    Feb 08,2018

  • Anonymous
    はい (2) 色: White サイズ: WiFi Version
    I bought this tablet as a replacement for Nexus 7 (2012) and it just meets and even exceeds all my expectations. The major advantage of this tablet is obviously what you get for the price. The build-up quality is nothing one can complain about. It's plastic but that doesn't have any negative impact on the use. It feels pretty solid. The screen is good, bright enough, offers accurate colors and a pretty much good resolution. The performance is what one would expect from the tablet's specifications. It runs smoothly with everything it does. I don't play any high resources games so I can't comment on that but high resolutions videos are played without any problems at all. I was quite surprised with both cameras which take pretty decent pictures in good light conditions. They are more than usable for posting on social media sites. It also offers quite a good sound both when it comes to speakers and with plugged in earphones. The battery also seems to offer good enough performance and it charges relatively quickly as well. The Wi-fi works fine and I was surprised the GPS works even inside the building which wasn't the case with Nexus 7. It's also worth noticing that the Android OS doesn't come with bloatware and that those few apps that are preinstalled (such as McAfeee antivirus and some Lenovo apps) can be simply uninstalled. It comes with a bunch of apps from Google that can't be uninstalled though (gmail, chrome, maps, photos, youtube, playmusic etc.). Overall a pretty good tablet and even more so considering its price.
    I have only two complaints. The tablet comes with Android version 6 and it seems Lenovo won't upgrade it to newer android versions. But I bought it knowing that so it's not an issue for me. The second complaint is about the charging cable which is quite short. About 27cm shorter than the Nexus 7 cable. The storage might also be a problem since it's only 16GB but there is a microSD slot available so you can add additional space. I am left with about 8GB after installing all the apps I need so I don't even think I will need the microSD card even less considering the fact that I store my stuff in cloud storage anyway.

    Dec 22,2017


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