Utorch UT30スマートボイスコントロールLEDシーリングライト18W AC 220V

Utorch UT30スマートボイスコントロールLEDシーリングライト18W AC 220V

- 白 30CM

PZE - 911 - XDDはAmazon Alexaと連携/ Googleホーム
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Utorch PZE - 911 - XDD Youtubeビデオレビュー

Utorch PZE - 911 - XDD に関する説明

UtorchスマートボイスコントロールLEDシーリングライト付きAmazon AlexaとGoogleホームあなたは自分の声で、または経由でそれを制御することができますスマートライフアプリ Wi-Fiは、ハブや追加のハードウェアの購入を必要としません。あなたは無段階調光または3色(白、暖かい白、黄色)調光で明るさを調整することができます、別の雰囲気を作り出す寝室、教室、食堂、ホテルなど これは現代のライフスタイルのためのスマートなLEDシーリングライトです。シンプルで薄いデザインは、より多くのスペースをあなたに残します。このシーリングライトを手に入れて、柔らかい照明で美しい家/オフィスを楽しんでください。

●インテリジェントな音声制御家のどこでも光を制御する, compatible with Amazon AlexaとGoogleホーム
●無段階/ 3色調光、光をさまざまな明るさレベルまたは白/暖色/黄色に調整します、別の雰囲気を作り出すoffice, home or other places




ブランド: ウトオルチ
特殊機能: Ceiling Light
シェードの材質: PVC
色温度や波長: 3000 - 6500K
特長: APPコントロール,調光機能,目の保護,WiFi伝送
飾り: エレガント,ファッション,人
推奨スペースフィット: ベッドルーム,ボーイズルーム,カフェ,廊下,キッズルーム,キッチン,リビングルーム,オフィス
パワー(ワット・W) : 18
輝度: 2000lm
推奨される部屋のサイズ: 10〜15㎡
照明フィールド: 12平方メートル
電圧(V): 220V
認定: CE,FCC,RoHsの


製品重量: 1.2370 kg
製品サイズ(長さx幅x高さ) : 30.00 x 30.00 x 5.00 cm / 11.81 x 11.81 x 1.97インチ
パッケージサイズ(長さx幅x高さ): 35.00 x 37.00 x 10.50 cm / 13.78 x 14.57 x 4.13インチ


主要材料: 1×シーリングライト、1×マウントキットアクセサリー、1×英語マニュアル



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  • LED man
    Utorch UT30 Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light 18W AC 220V
    Utorch smart voice control LED ceiling light works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can control it with your voice or via Smart Life App and Wi-Fi, does not require a hub or the purchase of any additional hardware. You can adjust the brightness with stepless dimming or 3 color ( white, warm white, yellow ) dimming, create different atmosphere for bedrooms, classrooms, dining rooms, hotels, etc. This is a smart LED ceiling light for a modern lifestyle. The simple and thinner design leaves you with more spaces. Get this ceiling light and enjoy the beautiful home / office with soft lighting.

    Mar 13,2019

  • Kosta Novikov
    Utorch 24w
    The lamp corresponds to its price, as far as it is cheaper than the lamp from xiaomi, so it is less well made, in addition, it shines less brightly than the lamp from Xiaomi 320 mm, although it corresponds to the power consumption. Connect to the Smart Life and Google home app without problems. Flicker diodes on the camera phone is not visible.
    Светильник соответствует своей цене, насколько он дешевле светильника от xiaomi, настолько он менее качественно сделан, кроме того он светит менее ярко чем светильник от Xiaomi 320 мм, хотя соответствует потребляемой мощности. Подключение к приложению Smart Life и Google home без проблем. Мерцания диодов на камеру телефона не видно.

    Mar 09,2019

  • Louis
    Perfect choice for any room
    I bought half a dozen for my new house. It is easy to install the light and make it function with the App. At first, I was confused about how to make it blink but after I turned on and off several times, the LEDs emitted white light and warm white light intermittently. Then, I successfully added one of the ceiling light. All connected with the WiFi network in my apartment well. And the timer function is very useful. The light is soft and comfortable for the eye, and I can dim at any time when I play with my phone.

    Nov 03,2018

  • Vlad
    Worth the money
    The light is suspended now to the ceiling of my bedroom. It appears to have weight of fly, take almost no living space in the room, and be quite bright. There are two minor issues. First, the light illuminates mainly what is directly under it but not to the sides. So the room corners stay in dusk. Second, if one turns the light off by remote control, the light does not go out completely but periodically and slightly blinks. It annoys my wife, so we have to turn the light on/off physically, by a wall switch. Otherwise an excellent purchase for the money. I already have two Utorch lights and consider to buy one more from GearBest

    Feb 02,2020

  • D.H. Seb
    The LEDs are very special and super bright, and the frame is heavy-duty...
    The LEDs are very special and super bright, and the frame is heavy-duty. However, the light diffuses well, comfortable for the eye. The WiFi connection is also stable.
    I used to have the light turned on in the evening, for fear of the darkness, but I wasted too much electricity. With the light, I set up the timer, and it shuts down automatically. It also works with my Amazon Alexa! It is cool to have a light which listens to you!

    Nov 17,2018


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