XinLeHong Toys 9125 1:10 4WDオフロードRCカーをブラッシュしました

XinLeHong Toys 9125 1:10 4WDオフロードRCカーをブラッシュしました

- 青と​​黒

46km / h高速
4.81 73 カスタマーレビュー | 英語の説明を参照してください
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説明:1: 10 RCカーにはデュアル・モーター・ドライブが搭載されているため、超高速ダイナミック・エクスペリエンスを実現し、7.4V 1600mAhのリチウムイオン・バッテリーは最高速度46km / hに達することができます。分。全体の車はメタルドライブベアリングを採用し、前進、後退、左折、右折を完全に行うことができます。 主な特長:デュアルモータードライブ、超高速ダイナミックエクスペリエンス●完全に密閉されたカバーデザイン、革新的なプッシュ式バッテリーカバースイッチ、バッテリーの交換プロセスが簡単で簡単です●過熱保護機能を採用車両全体がベアリング、メタルシャフト、ドライブカップを採用●390kmブラシモーター、19Gハイパワーバージョンサーボで46km / hの高速、良好なコーナリングが保証されています。●ビッグタイヤは、丘、山、水たまりなどの険しい道路を容易に登ることができます。サイトによって制限されない●取り外し可能な1600mAhリチウムイオンバッテリー(内蔵)による省電力、10分間の走行●2.4GHzの4CH送信機により約80m以内の没入型走行が保証されます



ブランド: Xinlehong
特殊機能: オフロードカー
材料: プラスチック
割合: 1:10
モータータイプ: ブラシ付きモータ
ドライブの種類: 4 WD
特徴: 前向き/後ろ向き,左/右回し


リモコン: 2.4GHzワイヤレスリモートコントロール
チャンネル: 4-チャンネル
モード: モード2(左ハンドスロットル)
コントロールの距離: 30〜80メートル
コントロール距離: 80M
動力電源: 3×1.5V単三電池(含まれていません)
カーパワー: 内蔵充電式バッテリー
レース時間: 10mins
充電時間(時間): 240分


製品重量: 2.6500 kg
製品サイズ(長さx幅x高さ) : 34.50×30.50×16.50cm / 13.58×12.01×6.5インチ
パッケージサイズ(長さx幅x高さ): 38.00 x 32.00 x 20.50 cm / 14.96 x 12.6 x 8.07 inches


主要材料: 1 x RCカー、1 xリモコン、1 x充電器、1 xタイヤ取り外しスリーブ、1 x英語マニュアル
XinLeHong Toys 9125 1:10 4WDオフロードRCカーをブラッシュしました- 青と​​黒
XinLeHong Toys 9125 1:10 4WDオフロードRCカーをブラッシュしました- 青と​​黒
XinLeHong Toys 9125 1:10 4WDオフロードRCカーをブラッシュしました- 青と​​黒
XinLeHong Toys 9125 1:10 4WDオフロードRCカーをブラッシュしました- 青と​​黒
XinLeHong Toys 9125 1:10 4WDオフロードRCカーをブラッシュしました- 青と​​黒




4.81 5のうち
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  • Ivo
    はい (2) 色: Red with Black
    Xinlehong Toys 9125
    This is a Monster Truck with four-wheel drive and an interesting feature: double engine brushed!
    Construction: The plastics are in polycarbonate and have acceptable strength for a common use, with aluminum reinforcements in the front and rear of the car. The suspension is in charge of six shock absorbers, with regulation in height.
    Motor and Inverter: Very interesting the fact of having a double brushed 390 RPM engine, which give strength and power to the vehicle. The inverter is 60 Amperes, more than enough to support the power of the motors.
    Battery: The battery is Li-Po (lithium polymer), two cells (7.4v), with 1600 mhA. It allows us to easily have a driving time of around 15 minutes.
    Performance: We tested this Monster-Truck in three environments: dirt, road and grass. For a low-end vehicle, we were pleasantly surprised, because it was comfortable in all of them, transposing all kinds of obstacles that we were putting, with a very precise and easy driving.
    Conclusion: Overall and despite being a low end RC is very well built, quite pleasant to drive, and with the particularity of selection of driving speed, the "low" for beginners in training or the "high" for a more daring driving and fun, we were completely convinced and confessed admirers of this car.

    Dec 09,2018

  • Coongoola
    はい (0) 色: Blue and Black
    Xinlehong 9125
    Wow, what can I say. The shipping is the fastest I have EVER had from an overseas hobby company absolutely brilliant service. The truck arrived to my door in rural NSW, Australia from China in six days !
    The carton had a few dents but the contents were first class and I was trying out the truck as soon as the battery had finished charging. I have since made a Deans/XT60 adaptor so I can balance charge the Lipo on my better equipment, not that there's anything wrong with the supplied charger.

    I cant believe how fast this truck is, and neither can Zara my Boxer who wanted to show it who is the boss. I can't wait to make a couple of ramps so I can try it in the grassed reserve next door to where I live.
    I've uploaded a short video to Youtube showing my maiden drive of the truck in my driveway. The only sad part is that my RC Planes will have to take a rest while I discover this new part of my RC hobby.
    I can thoroughly recommend Gearbest for service and delivery and this truck represents excellent value for money. This will keep this old fella happy for a while until my extra Lipos arrive in the post.

    Well done Gearbest !!

    Jan 10,2019

  • Roger
    はい (1) 色: Blue and Black
    Very Rugged and Powerful Truck!
    Very fast, very powerful, and very durable truck. I bought 3 of these and they have all taken a beating with only a power switch breaking due to dirt getting caught in it and me being too forceful (a spare one came with my cars) and a rear wheel knuckle breaking due to a full-speed collision with a pole that should have broken more parts. Repairs have been easy with replacement parts. They handle well and they look pretty good. They aren't premium by any means, but what they lack in glamour they more than make up for in sheer fun. Get a balance charger and extra batteries to get the most out of these great cars. I am going to try to include a slow-motion video of my car driving at LOW speed. I hope this manufacturer continues to make these cars and more!

    Nov 26,2018

  • Luca
    はい (1) 色: Blue and Black
    E' un ottimo prodotto e lo consiglio vivamente.
    non raggiunge i 46 Km/h, fa circa i 32, tuttavia mettendo 3 celle invede di 2, raggiunge tale velocità.
    Alcuni le montano e la fanno andare a 11 piuttosto che 7 volts senza problemi, l'ESC regge bene.
    Tiene bene la polevere e l'acqua.
    Unico punto debole è il servo dello sterzo che non ha una molla o frizione quindi si rompono gli ingranaggi di plastica molto facilmente.
    La batteria dura molto, circa 15 minuti, se ne possono comprare di scorta a meno di 10 euro.
    Ottimo prodotto, non c'e' che dire.
    Io inoltre ho aggiunto delle luci alla carrozzeria.
    Il produttore garantisce oltre a 200 auto senza interferenze con i loro telecomandi digitali a 2.4 GHz.

    Jan 28,2019

  • Justin Zeffiro
    はい (0) 色: Red with Black
    Awesome Little Monster
    This little beast is the fastest, meanest and toughest RC Off Road Buggy I've seen for under $100. It zooms at low speed setting and flys in high speed setting. I could barely keep the front two wheels on the ground! This is a must have for all kids aged between 2 - 45 years old!
    This things takes a beating and still keeps going strong.
    my only issue with it is that the battery drains too fast and 10-15mins is the most you get from the battery, at any one time, b4 needing a charge.
    Highly recommend a 2nd and 3rd battery for great continuous use.

    Dec 21,2018


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