LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター

LF - ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター

- ホワイト TS9

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アンテナは、幅広い4Gデバイスに信頼性の高い4G接続を提供するように設計されたMiMO(マルチプルマルチプルマルチプルアウト)4G LTEアンテナです。 3G / 4G USBモデムやモバイルホットスポットに接続すると、建物や車内、あるいはネットワークの通信範囲が少ないリモートサイトから、速度を上げて通信範囲を拡大することができます。



モデル: LF-ANT4G01
色: 白
インターフェース: SMA
度数範囲: 800MHzの、2700MHz
VSWR: ≤1.5


製品重量: 0.4700 kg
パッケージサイズ(長さx幅x高さ): 26.80 x 13.00 x 5.90 cm / 10.55 x 5.12 x 2.32インチ


主要材料: 1 x LF - ANT 4 G 01 4 G LTE SMAプラグ49 dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター、1 xベース
LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター- ホワイト TS9
LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター- ホワイト TS9
LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター- ホワイト TS9

LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター- ホワイト TS9

LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター- ホワイト TS9

LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター- ホワイト TS9
LF  -  ANT4G01 4G LTE TS9プラグ49dBi MIMOアンテナ信号ブースター- ホワイト TS9



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  • Guiro
    You can go back to the higher resolution ; do the same to turn mirroring off, overall picture quality was good, i used fixed focus most of the time since I use the camera primarily for video chatting with family and sit at a more or less fixed distance, or on a small tripod through the bottom of the stand, it seems to adjust to different lighting conditions very well, the auto white balance seems to lean towards the blue side, audio recording quality through the built-in stereo mics was fair, i will say it works well right out of the box and the quality is as good or as better as what you would expect for a camera in this price range and would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent webcam without breaking the bank

    Aug 01,2018

  • 4G Antenna Booster
    Works as intended
    Been having trouble with my connection and decided to get one of these to boost the signal to the nearby towers. While it works as intended, boosting the the connection it hasn’t significantly changed my download and upload speeds. I would still recommend getting this if you’re having issues with your signals.

    Box was kinda messed up during transit, not sure if it could’ve been avoided if it was wrapped/packed better

    Nov 01,2018

  • Silverbear
    Download the latest software for this cam, select the Webcam Control tab and there you will find the real zoom, maybe it's poor software on Logitech's part, adjust the white balance option in the aforementioned popup for the advanced settings, this cam does poorly in low light at least for me, works fine once you understand how to use the software

    Sep 22,2018

  • Kate Fredericks
    They usually would have grotesque color shifts and turn me all red or green and be very picky about various lighting situations, it is sensitive to even low light and delivers a stable and consistent sharp and bright image, there were problems then Microsoft or Logitech have released better drivers that have addressed these issues

    Jul 24,2018

  • Product Reviewer
    I've had this one several weeks and use it primarily for shooting a web series in front of a green screen and FaceTime, it even has a key feature which works pretty well, the glass is clear and of superior quality, the lens used in this webcam makes this camera superior than all the others anywhere near the price range

    Apr 23,2018


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