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  • Hassaan
    Product Is Good
    Ok, so this product that i received, the box was in pretty bad shape and i was a little worried but product itself was working fine. there are a few problems that i faced.
    1. TV IR Remote learning doesn't work like the guide says.
    2. The D-Pad is of very bad quality. Down key is hard to press and plastic quality is very pathetic on D-Pad.
    3. Very bad quality battery cover. So much flimsy and it took me 2 to 3 tries to put it back on.
    4. Back button on remote doesn't take you back, even after turning air mouse mode off. It is a big disappoint. I have to use escape button on the keyboard to go back, which is quite a hassle.
    Other than these things at moment i have found any other problem and it is really a very good value for money. When i bought it its price mention was $8.16 dollars but i was charged the original price which was $9.16 dollars with shipping it almost went to $10 dollars. For $10 i could have bought it in Pakistan and didn't have to wait for 15 days.
    Anyways product is good. came within 15 days Unregistered NL Post with tracking information till it reached Pakistan Customs.

    Sep 15,2018

  • Vusal Hasanov
    MX3 - L 3 in 1 2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse
    Delivery - 27 days after payment. Item in good condition. I checked all functions. There are strong sensitivity of mouse. But i heard that it can be adjust with "Home + Vol UP" or "Home + Vol Down" buttons. At first there didn't work IR learning. But I found videos about learning teach video for this Air Mouse. People say that there are 5 IR Learning buttons (Power, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue). But, I think that the all buttons for this remote control can be learn. I tested it on Numeric Buttons (1....9). Item body material is poor plastic, so it can be crack easily. But in result it is usable remote control. I hope it will work for a long time :)

    Pros + Air Mouse-Keyboard, IR Remote Control
    Cons - Poor Plastic Material, Strong Mouse Sensitivity, Difficult IR Learning


    Dec 09,2018

  • Fernandogdl
    My favorite Air mouse EVER
    i have tried several ar mouses trough the years, and i just have to say that this one is my personal favorite, i purchased 3 more to give as gifts, i use it on adroid tv box, and on pc for presentations.

    i love the travel on the keys, and that the kays have backight, it has different modes and a full keboard on the back

    and the best part is that you can use it as universal remote! i only use this remote for my home entertainment system.

    FLAWLESS product!!!
    only con is with the user manual, is relly bad, i had to investigate on interet how to recalibrate the axis or how to program the universal remote as in the user manual instructions are not correct.

    IT CAN LEARN any remot you already own! no more codes!

    Oct 22,2018

  • TVmods
    Pretty good.
    The look of this control fits perfectly with the glossy Tv's, you can use it directly connecting to your smart TV, to your computer or even a cellphone with OTG.
    Air mouse is smooth and accurate.
    The back light gives an extra for those times when you just want to be in a cinema.
    You can control basically everything in your smart TV or computer.
    As a con, the keyboard only responds for one key at a time and numerical/symbols are not visible with back light so you wont know which key is which if you activate this mode on a dark place.

    However still much better than the usual control provided for TVs.

    Aug 21,2018

  • PC Kodi user
    Thoughts after almost a year of usining MX3 remote
    I'm using this remote every day for almost a year, mainly with PC that runs a KODI on a TV screen and I really want to recommend it. The mouse feature works really well, it doesn't lag. Waking up from energy saving is unnoticeable. Play/pausing, changing track and changing speed buttons are helpful. Two good rechargeable batteries can work with the remote for months on one charge. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it.
    Only possible con is the "back" keyboard - it could have more keys (regular desktop qwerty layout without numpad), but it is still possible to type something in the search bar or login to the system.

    Nov 18,2018

  • Trzabka
    remote control android keyboard
    Podświetlana klawiatura z przodu jak i od strony klawiatury qwerty, świetnie działa z boxami android, windowsem 10 czy też 7. Działa również z tv samsung z oprogramowaniem tizen, świetny dodatek żyroskopu, bardzo świetnie wykonana klawiatura, dobry plastik, przydałoby się dokupić do takiej baterie akumulatorowe AAA, ogólnie klawiatura reaguje bardzo sprawnie, większość przycisków działa na boxie, świetny stosunek ceny do jakości, szybka wysyłka, Jestem kurewsko zadowolony

    Jan 10,2018

  • Улник
    MX3 - L Air Mouse
    2,4 передачи быстрый беспроводной без задержки и мощной устойчивостью к помехам
    ● Датчики инерции 6-оси, поддерживает сенсорные игры
    ● Длинная дальность передачи до 10 метров
    ● 3 в 1 функцию, воздушная мышь / клавиатура QWERTY / ИК пульт
    ● Поддержка функции подсветки, вы можете использовать его в ночное время
    ● подключи и играй, установка CD-ROM бесплатно
    ● Батарея не входит в комплект поставки
    не выявил

    Jan 05,2018

  • Ilie B.
    Excellent airmouse
    Works flawless, perfect for my Android TV Xiaomi MiBox.
    Keys are illuminated, only the side that is up at a time is lit.
    When using keyboard the mouse is deactivated.
    When using the mouse/menu side, the ok button is left click.
    If you press the button to disable mouse then the OK button became "Enter".
    This is very useful in different apps where the mouse click does not have effect, like Spotify.

    May 24,2018

  • HARM
    El mejor mouse - keyboard wireless
    el tamaño es bueno al igual que los botones, la iluminación es buena, y dependiendo del lado que se utilice la luz se apaga en el contrario para ahorrar energía, se pueden programar 4 botones para que funciones por infrarrojo con las tv, utiliza 2 pilas AAA, la distancia es suficiente para controlar la pc, smart TV, TV Box y es multiplataforma, se lleva bien con diferentes sistemas operativos. no se puede conseguir mejor precio, en México el costo se duplica o triplica en cualquier lado.

    Nov 06,2018

  • Nike
    I paid the order on 12/23/2017. The goods were delivered to the post office of the addressee in Ukraine on 01/12/2018. Packaging and goods without damage. The product works properly. Button illumination is working. The gyro in the console is calibrated initially correctly and works without any complaints. Given the acceptable cost, I recommend the product to buy!
    Subactively, the unpleasant sound of the button counting

    Jan 31,2018