Utorch Sofirn C8F 3500lmトリプルリフレクタータクティカルLED懐中電灯

Utorch Sofirn C8F 3500lmトリプルリフレクタータクティカルLED懐中電灯

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Utorch C8Fは、家庭用、EDC、そしてキャンプ、マウンテーリング、釣り、狩猟などの野外活動のために設計された、強力な多機能懐中電灯です。単一の21700/18650リチウムイオン電池で動作します。懐中電灯には4セットの照明モードがあり、すべて月光モード、最も懐中電灯があります。 C8Fの最大出力は3,500lm、最大照明範囲は299mに達します。下部には電源ボタンがあり、側面のボタンは他の機能を制御します。明るさの調整または照明モードの変更。それはより良く、よりユーザーフレンドリーなインターフェースとより簡単な操作を提供します。

●さまざまな照明モードと無段階調光、最高3500 lm、最低1 lmの照明、トリプルリフレクター設計
●Advanced III hard anodized wear-resistant surface, strong アルミ合金ボディ衝突防止
●Battery level indicator and auto shutdown in case of low battery
●Anti-reverse protection and high-temperature protection to avoid misuse and excess temperature
●Power supply: 1 x 21700 / 18650 battery ( not included )



ブランド: ウトオルチ
モデル: C8F
懐中電灯の種類: 室外
懐中電灯サイズ: EDC
エミッタ: クリーXP-L
エミッター: 3
ルーメン: > 3000ルーメン
色温度: 5350 - 5700K
特徴: 無段階明るさ,耐衝撃性の,スーパーブライト
バッテリー: 1×18650/21700リチウムイオン電池
バッテリー含まれますか: サポートしない
モードメモリ: サポートする
フォーカス: サポートしない
防水機能: IPX-8標準防水(水中30メートル)
LED寿命: 5万時間
色: ブラック


電源: バッテリー
光束距離: 500メートル - 200
ボディ材質: アルミニウム合金


製品重量: 0.2500キロ
製品サイズ(長さx幅x高さ) : 14.90 x 4.46 x 4.46 cm / 5.87 x 1.76 x 1.76インチ
パッケージサイズ(長さx幅x高さ): 15.00 x 6.00 x 6.00 cm / 5.91 x 2.36 x 2.36インチ


主要材料: 1×懐中電灯、1×英語マニュアル



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  • Petr
    はい (1) 色: Black
    Utorch C8F
    The torch is well-made, well-held in hand. In spare parts O rings, hand strap, battery reduction 18650. Main power switch in tail, mode adjustment by side button. The torch is very powerful and perfectly illuminates objects within 200 meters. The highest power mode is warming up quickly. Well packaged, delivered quickly. I'm happy, I recommend.

    Jan 25,2019

  • Tawan
    はい (0) 色: Black
    Good light
    I like this light a lot eventhough is has some minor flaws, some dents and scratchs on body, weak anodized, dirty lens on inside and outside, some moist inside lens and reflector make lens foggy when flashlight get hot.
    But since reflector is very clean, I can wiped all dirt on lens out, fog was gone and it become great. I'm very satisfied with it's performance, it's size, how it looks and UI is good. Using single battery is good for lending too.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Trail Trek
    はい (1) 色: Black
    For this price you are getting an amazing flashlight with good output
    For this price you are getting something that is better then a lumintop gt mini, a convoy c8 plus. this throws as far and floods more lumens up to 3500 lumen with a good batter with high wattage output.
    Light but powerful. the only think i would worry about is the drop rating and dont drop it on its top, also the paint comes off too fast for me. but its cheap and great.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Aff
    はい (0) 色: Black
    Utorch Sofirn C8F 3500lm
    Utorch Sofirn C8F 3500lm, is a great budget allarounder. I like the format and that it uses a 21700 cell for long lasting light. It goes a long time in turbo before it gets hot so it is very usable in the highest mode wich is nice! Pretty finish and nice to have the chooice of many groups, with ramping and moonlight and so on. I recommend this flashligt! And the beam pattern is a good combination.

    May 13,2019

  • qwu
    はい (0) 色: Black
    LM rating questionable
    I used a 20A+ high performance 18650 that can get 3500LM+ from a Emisar D4, but for some reason the light output on this light is significantly dimmer maybe around 2000LM not sure if the 21700 can perform better since I don't have any, but theoretically is only different in capacity and not amperage rating.

    Feb 15,2019


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