Samebike LO26 モペット電動自転車スマート350W 30キロあたり1時間

Samebike LO26 モペット電動自転車スマート350W 30キロあたり1時間

- White Poland

4.73 30 カスタマーレビュー | 英語の説明を参照してください
999.99 $1199.99 17%オフ
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モペットモードと純粋な電気モードと70キロの走行距離と最大40キロの走行距離のために(製品に含まれる)●10.4Ah / 48Vリチウムイオン電池
●折りたたみデザイン(折りたたみサイズ:103 X 37 X 104センチメートル)の便利な持ち運び用
- ホイールサイズ:26インチ
- モーター定格電力:350W
- バッテリーの定格電力:499W
- バッテリー:10.4Ahリチウムイオン電池
- 充電時間:4時間
- 最大速度:毎時30キロ
- 最大負荷:150キロ
- 入力電圧:110 - 240V
- ブレーキモード:フロント/リアディスクブレーキ
- トランスミッション:シマノ21速
- 計測器:USB機能を持つ中央のLCD機器
- フェンダー:PVCマッドガード





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  • Gomes
    Bicicleta muito boa
    Esta bicicleta corresponde ao descrito.
    Vem com muito boas funcionalidades, écran com indicação de velocidade instantânea, tempo de viagem, capacidade da bateria, tem um motor bastante potente que permite fazer subidas bastante inclinadas e com uma imagem muito atractiva.
    É um pouco pesada, 21 kg no total mas só a bateria pesa 3 kg o que até não é mau para uma bicicleta elétrica.
    A bateria é duradoura e carrega em 3-4 horas.
    É um prazer andar nesta bicicleta.

    This bicycle corresponds to that described.
    It comes with very good features, screen with indication of instant speed, travel time, battery capacity, has a very powerful engine that allows you to make very steep climbs and has a very attractive image.
    It is a little heavy, 21 kg in total but the battery alone weighs 3 kg which is not bad for an electric bike.
    The battery is long lasting and charges in 3-4 hours.
    It is a pleasure to ride this bike.

    Feb 16,2020

  • Jonas
    SAMEBIKE LO26 350w
    Just received it today exactly a week after I order it! and i must say it look's great. Exactly like i expected.
    Just took 1 week to arrive and the box was in very good condition upon arrival. I had a UPS tracking number since the purchase and was always able to see the progress of the bike (and the expected date to arrive).
    The unpacking went smooth, everything came very well covered and protected.
    I assembled by the order the manual suggested, but ended watching youtube videos to double check if the screws were on the right or the left side, details and stuff like that!
    One of the first things i did was to take the battery out and immediately put it to charge (it took around 2 hours to complete charge)
    It comes with all the tools you need to put it all together, although a plier is helpfull for the fender assembly.
    Also is a minor detail (but quite important) the tires came with practically no air, so keep in mind to have a pump or have a place near by to fill them up (3.7bar in the back / 3.3bar in front, what i used for my tires)
    Also to start you need to insert the key and turn it on (and it stays there when you are ridding - it took me awhile to realize that for whatever reason :) - just like a car or a moto)

    May 14,2020

  • Kana 26
    Malgré le carton abimé , vélo reçu en bon état ( délai de 3 semaines ) , montage aisé . Reprise réglages dérailleur . Un peu dur de rentrer dans les programmes car la notice détaillée de l'affichage LCD sur internet est en anglais . Le manuel d'instructions basique livré avec le vélo est lui traduit en français et suffit à mettre le vélo en service . Après les premiers essais le vélo se comporte bien . Pour un premier prix il est d'aspect solide et bien fini . Après avoir essayé plusieurs modèles français ( fabriqués également en chine ) entre 900 et 2000€ je trouve ce modèle tout à fait correct . Des freins à disques , tout suspendu , éclairage avant ( prévoir 10€ pour l'arrière sur enseigne internet ) , des gardes boue , rentre dans un bon coffre de voiture , une batterie de 500W qui alimente un moteur de 350W pour un usage manuel , assisté ou tout électrique ( le modèle avec un moteur de 500W n'étant plus disponible sur internet ... ) On peut même modifier la vitesse et certains réglages avec la notice internet ... Pour l'instant satisfait de cet achat pour un usage de loisir .
    PS : Le seul souci est de recevoir le produit en bon état ... vu sur des commentaires roues voilées , manque de pièces ...
    Soyez vigilants lors de la réception !

    Feb 09,2020

  • Giuseppe
    Bicicletta bella esteticamente
    Ho acquistato questa bicicletta affidandomi ad alcune recensioni viste su internet.Esteticamente la trovo una delle più belle in circolazione.non è esente da qualche imperfezione..la batteria sembra durare molto,speriamo che duri nel tempo.la spedizione è stata rapida.la bicicletta è arrivata ben imballata e protetta.Per montarla ci sono tutti gli attrezzi che occorrono.tutto molto semplice.L’unica regolazione che chiede più tempo è quella di centrare i dischi delle ruote all’interno delle pastiglie.

    Jun 13,2020

  • Jan
    Great price/performance
    This a great bike to go around and to help you going uphill, just don't expect it will climb the hill without your help. Battery has power for about 40-50km, if you use pedals ;)
    I had few issues with assembling it, but youtube video is very helpful, on youtube you will also find instructions how to hack the system and make it go faster in ''moped mode''.
    You need to know this is electric bike with affordable price, so don't expect it is as quality as 2000€ bike, not really suitable for downhill or advanced mountain biking.

    Apr 04,2020



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