Aigo 3PCS RGB LED APPコントロールファン120mm 6ピンコンピュータ用

Aigo 3PCS RGB LED APPコントロールファン120mm 6ピンコンピュータ用

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Aigo 3PCS 12cm RGB LEDファン

●RGB LED:カラフルな雷のデザイン、無制限の色変換、色を変える1つのキー



ブランド: AIGO
特殊機能: 冷却ファン
互換性のある: AMD AM2,AMD AM2 +,AMD AM3,AMD FM1,AMD754,AMD939,AMD940,セレロンD,インテルLGA1155,インテルLGA1156,インテルLGA1366,すべてのコンピューター,LGA1150
ベアリングタイプ: Hydraumatic
速度: 1500RPM
CPUファンのピン: 6ピン
取付穴サイズ: 10.5×10.5cm
CFM: 33


製品重量: 1.0400 kg
パッケージサイズ(長さx幅x高さ): 40.00×20.00×10.00cm / 15.75×7.87×3.94インチ


主要材料: 3 x RGB LEDファン、1 x APPコントローラ、1 x 24ピンケーブル、1 xネジパック、1 x 2ピンケーブル
Aigo 3PCS RGB LED APPコントロールファン120mm 6ピンコンピュータ用- ブラック
Aigo 3PCS RGB LED APPコントロールファン120mm 6ピンコンピュータ用- ブラック
Aigo 3PCS RGB LED APPコントロールファン120mm 6ピンコンピュータ用- ブラック
Aigo 3PCS RGB LED APPコントロールファン120mm 6ピンコンピュータ用- ブラック



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  • Juan Carlos
    Aigo 3PCS AURORA A3R Ventilador App Wifi
    Fácil de montar y limpiar sobre todo, ya que no tiene leds a la intemperie.
    Absolutamente una gama de colores RGB a disponer. Se puede enchufar a placa base, tipo AURORA o AORUS.
    El control de colores se puede efectuar via software y hardware.
    Dispone de 6 pin de enchufe de los ventiladores, por tanto el PWM.
    Aconsejables para usar en ventilación líquida por su vistosidad de colores y formatos de luz.
    Parece ser que el grosor de los anillos, son algo mayores (led) que sus hermano los A3.
    Nada destacable, por el precio podían haber puesto más ventiladores.

    Nov 11,2017

  • Jean Knowles
    I was also able to use both fans and just have one sitting slightly higher to fit with the ram on my Gigabyte motherboard, i did get a bad motherboard first so I can note that the drop style of CPU thermal paste that the instructions have you do works great spread perfectly following the instructions, plus the Skylake CPU was in perfect shape despite how large this cooler is in comparison, i personally am not a fan of the brown color scheme but honestly the performance makes this the cooler to have in your case if you don't want to go with liquid cooling

    Sep 08,2018

  • American customer
    RGB aigo fan with app controller
    Saw a few reviews, cheaper than most options so I gambled and ordered these. This one in specific has the APP control while I have seen other listings do not.
    What I like:

    -Great lighting and options for color
    -Fan pushes a decent amount of air without being too loud
    -Easy Installation.
    Major con so far is the APP. Aigo Home app (for android) requires you to download a Chinese app store on top of the Aigo App.

    While I am ok (sorta) with this to install the Aigo Home app, I cannot keep the app from crashing if I remove the Chinese store App. This requires me to either leave the unwanted app and force close it after using the Aigo app. Or uninstall and reinstall both apps when I want to change lighting.

    If any improvement would be made, it would be to turn the WIFI receiver into a Bluetooth one and use that to connect to the app.

    Apr 30,2018

    good product
    nice lighting with different modes
    This is my second one because in my first order the cables were missing

    The app is tricky to install but then everything ok

    Oct 24,2018

  • Emrehan
    Çok iyi
    Ürün toplamda 16 günde Antalya'ya geldi.Paketlenmesi ve hızlı gelmesi bakımından çok beğendim.
    Ürünün kurulumu biraz zor ama uğraşınca yapabiliyorsunuz :) Ürün genel anlamda çok güzel fanlar son hızda döndüğünde biraz sesli çalışıyor ama rahatsız edecek kadar değil,tavsiye ederim.
    Fanlar biraz sesli çalışıyor.

    Jun 22,2018


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