Alfawise BTH  -  IPANSミニBluetoothイヤホンシングルイヤホン

Alfawise BTH - IPANSミニBluetoothイヤホンシングルイヤホン

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独立USB磁気充電/ IPX4防水/ブルートゥース5.0
4.78 23 カスタマーレビュー | 英語の説明を参照してください
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人間工学的に設計された 左右どちらであっても、耳にぴったりフィットするようにしてください。さまざまなシーンに適しています
●最新の特集Bluetooth 5.0チップ、すべてのBluetooth対応機器とのペアリングをより迅速に素晴らしい音クリスタルクリアトレブルのクオリティ
充電器を磁気的にスナップ もつれのない充電と紛失防止のために。どこにでも簡単に充電して、あなたが行く準備ができているところでそれを拾います。パワーバンク、コンピュータ、車内、ソケットなどの充電器
多機能ボタン 答える、電話を切る、曲を切り替える、音量を調整する



ブランド: アルファウィーズ
モデル: BTH - IPANS
特殊機能: インイヤー
材料: ABS,シリコーン
特長: クール
身に着けているタイプ: インイヤー
主な機能: 留守番電話,ブルートゥース,ハイファイ,マイクロフォン,マルチ接続機能,Bluetooth,曲の切り替え,耐汗性,音声プロンプト,音量調節
色: ブラック


応用: Audiophile,航空,DJ,ゲーミング,ランニング,スポーツ
ケーブルの長さ (m) : 0メートル
互換性のあるモデル: コンピューター,iPhone,iPodの,携帯電話,MP3,パーソナルコンピュータ,携帯型メディアプレーヤー,TV
接続のインターフェイス: USB
接続性: 無線
周波数応答: 10-20000Hz
感度: -42dB±3デシベル
マイクインピーダンス: 32オーム
SNR : -92dB
充電時間(時間): 1.5H
音楽の時間: 4〜5時間
連続通話時間: 4〜5時間
Micphone感度: -40dB±2dB


マルチメディアフォーマット: サポートする
Bluetoothの距離: W / Oの障害物の10メートル
Bluetoothプロトコル: 11,010,AVRCP,HEPバージョン1.6,HFP,HSP,HSP v1.2の
Bluetoothバージョン: V5.0
ワイヤレスネットワーク: サポートしない


電池タイプ: ビルトイン
バッテリ容量(mAhの): 50mAh


製品重量: 0.0290 kg
製品サイズ(長さx幅x高さ) : 2.50 x 2.50 x 1.50 cm / 0.98 x 0.98 x 0.59インチ
パッケージサイズ(長さx幅x高さ): 9.20 x 7.00 x 3.30 cm / 3.62 x 2.76 x 1.3インチ


主要材料: 1 xイヤホン、1 x USB充電器、1 x中国語/英語マニュアル、1 xペアのEartips



4.78 5のうち
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  • Lauren Jacob
    はい (0) 色: Black
    It is fantastic!
    Extremely impressed. Purchased this tiny ear bud a several days ago and have been using it constantly since. I upgraded from wireless earbuds that were connected to each other with cable, I have high hopes for this tiny, item.
    This Alfawise BTH - IPANS Bluetooth 5.0 ear bud is fantastic. Battery life is much better than expected, and works well with the original charger. I wear this while biking, running, cleaning, etc. The sound is loud, to the point that I usually never go over half way up, which is much better than my previous wireless earbuds. And it’s super easy to control, the multifunction button can do a lot of things, very convenient.
    Thus far, I cannot rave enough about this ear bud more. If you're on the fence, just go for it.

    May 27,2019

  • Jo Jackson
    はい (0) 色: Black
    I am LOVING this
    I got this earbud because I like to listen to podcasts at work and we are not supposed to have headphones. While I cover that ear with my hair, the earbud will be sure unnoticeable, because the earbud is super tiny, and it’s completely black. The sound is great, and I can easily charge it with the magnetic USB charger without anyone noticing, which brings tangle-free charging and anti-lost convenience.
    Honestly it's better than a lot of the more expensive models out there. I'm not really a sound quality snob, but I think that the earbud sounds great, even with music. You will not regret this purchase.

    May 26,2019

  • Meroy Fox
    はい (0) 色: Black
    Awesome Earbud From Alfawise
    Wow! I am so impressed with the sound quality of this product. It provides a clear sound without sacrificing quality.
    With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, whether pairing and music playing have faster and more stable performance.
    The ear bud was simple to charge and use right away. It has an impressive battery life, can be used continuously for more than four hours.
    And for being so small but texture, you can tell it’s made from high quality material, this little ear bud fits my ear perfectly, very comfortable for use.
    Alfawise always provides high-quality products like this, very trustworthy.

    May 23,2019

  • Mojko
    はい (0) 色: Black
    Alfawise BTH - Mini Bluetooth Earphone
    Good price, fast shipping, nice design and quality made, easy weight, solid Bluetooth connection works good for listening music and making calls, button to answer call on it, decent battery life, easy to charge with usb charger, three different sizes of rubber for in ear_----------------------------_-------------------------------------------------------:::::::::::-::---

    Sep 18,2019

  • Kyle
    はい (0) 色: Black
    Best Single Bluetooth Earbud
    This small and simple Bluetooth earbud was exactly what I was looking for. And you can't beat the quality of sound with the price. I was happily surprised when I first tried them out and discovered how great the sound quality is fkr the price! I love this & would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

    Sep 14,2019


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