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  • Bonnie
    The main function: a lot of functions, mainly to pay attention to heart rate monitoring function, because the heart rate needs to be controlled during exercise, can achieve fat reduction effect; In addition, the watch can support a lot of sports state, more practical.
    Endurance: I bought it for a week and I haven't charged it yet. At present, there are still 65% left, and the endurance is very strong.
    Comfort: The watch itself is light and has little weight. The watch belt is soft, but to be honest, it is very stuffy and not very comfortable. Usually I am wearing a metal chain watch, I am used to it.
    Accuracy: I feel that the sleep test is not particularly accurate, and other functions are not bad.
    Other features: It is very convenient when charging, the watch can be directly magnetized. There are many styles of dials, and there is a lot of choice.

    Sep 23,2019

  • olecoy
    Заказывал 11.11, товар магазином был куплен через 11 дней. По почте дошел 18 дней.
    Первое впечатление о часах неплохое, до этого был Amazfit Bip.
    Из отличий с Bipом, отсутсвие предупреждение о разрыве связи с телефоном. Если запущен музыкальный проигрователь на телефоне можно переключать треки, делать паузу и регулировать громкость при этом на экране отображается проигрываемая композиция.
    Руский текст корректно отображается в сообщениях и при звонках.
    GPS и Шаги работают на уровне Amazfit Bip. По пульсу тображает значение чуть больше чем Bip. Можно добавлять новый будильник с часов. Часы можно выключить, перегрузить или сбросить через меню.

    Dec 11,2019

  • Vanessa
    Melhor custo-benefício entre os Smartwatches da Xiaomi e suas submarcas!!
    O produto chegou em ótimo estado, veio em 30 dias corridos (o que considero rápido, tendo em vista o problema que a China está enfrentando com o Corona vírus).

    O smartwatch é exatamente como imaginei, de ótima qualidade, começando pela caixa principal que dá um ar de algo "Premium", além da tela em Amoled, que dá um baita diferencial!!

    É possível trocar as interfaces por outras do App e até mesmo do seu próprio celular.

    tem tudo o que as famosas smart bands têm e muito mais, já que é possível controlar o player do seu cel.

    Cerca de 50% mais barato que no Brasil, motiva que consumidores da marca cada vez mais busquem alternativas para importar os produtos Xiaomi e outras adjacentes da marca.

    Mar 05,2020

  • Daniel Henriquez
    Very satisfied
    I like its owner and battery life, I have 1 week of use in which I have done 4 activities of 1:10 minutes each with the GPS active, when I received the smart watch I had 56% battery charge and this day a week later it still has 13% charge, very good materials with which it is made, very light and very beautiful, I have to say that I do not use the PAI mode and possibly this is a reason for the battery to last so long, But it's still great.

    Jan 16,2020

  • YA
    Nice activity watch, but you need smartphone alongside with it
    The Amazfit GTS looks very nice and elegant. works as advertised - no surprises.
    The HR is fairly accurate provided that the watch is strapped snugly on the arm.
    I could not find a watch face that has large enough fonts to be legible unaided.
    Very few languages are supported. Much less than the much more popular Wear OS. Amazfit keeps promising that they will add language support but nothing yet. This is true for Amazfit GTR as well!
    The GPS is inaccurate!

    Dec 19,2019

  • Jocelyn
    Cool Appearance
    It's really like the Apple Watch. The square dial and 3D glass are similar to the Apple Watch, but the whole machine is lighter and thinner. The thickness is 9.4mm and the weight is 24.8g. The Apple Watch 4 of the same size has a thickness of 10.7mm and a weight of 36.7g. The screen is exquisite and feature-rich. The front is 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, 341ppi, touch is very sensitive, support 50m waterproof, NFC access control bus, double star positioning, heart rate monitoring.

    Sep 23,2019

  • Thiago Lopes Moreira
    Top top A+++
    Great Smartwatch. I've gotten a Kospet prime instead. Everything works perfectly, all functions are amazing. Haven't done 5 star for the size. It's a little bit big and if you don't fit it properly on your arm, especially if you are wearing on left arm, the camera hit the top of hand if you band your hands to the up ( third picture) Otherwise I love it.

    Dec 04,2019

  • Iris
    Comfortable Wearing
    The watch is very comfortable to wear, and the back of the watch is not too big, so it won't feel flustered. Silicone strap, fits the skin, and sweats are not uncomfortable. The watch is very light, much thinner than another Amazfit watch I bought before, so that it won't look so big when worn, and the girl will not be big, just right. As a sports watch, it is very good in terms of function, appearance and wearing comfort.

    Sep 16,2019

  • ah78
    Great Seller and Product
    I've been searching Gold edition (Global/International Version) for sometime and only found that model with the seller.
    Order was made on 24th December and the item has been safely arrived on 30th December (I used a express delivery option).

    The packaging received fine with no problem/declaration from Custom. The product is working fine and it is indeed International/English version. Recommended!

    Dec 30,2019

  • Fabien Boulineau
    Montre parfaite pour mon utilisation à vélo et l'application Amazfit transfère parfaitement mes activités sur Strava.
    l'autonomie est bonne, 5 jours avec 2 utilisations GPS par jour.
    le compteur de pas est précis après les paramètrages dans l'application, le capteur cardiaque fonctionne correctement ainsi que le GPS.
    L'application Amazfit est vraiment complète et la synchronisation avec la montre se fait rapidement.
    Bon produit que je vous conseille fortement.

    May 08,2020