TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス

TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス

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4.8 105 カスタマーレビュー | 英語の説明を参照してください
11.99 $13.02 8%オフ
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TZ MX3 3-in 1エアーマウス ストリーミングデバイス用のスリムなユニバーサルリモートアタッチメントです。
テレビの基本機能とストリーミングデバイスをオールインワンで制御するためのシンプルなユニバーサルリモコンが必要な人に最適なアクセサリーです。 TZ MX3はIR学習技術を使用して複数のデバイス上でプログラムすることができます。
TZ MX3を使用して入力、再生、切り替えを行うと、より便利にワイヤレスでデバイスを制御できます。

- 1デザインに付き3
TZ MX3は2.4GHzワイヤレスキーボードとマウスの6軸体性感覚および赤外線リモコンを1つに設定し、スマートTVを制御し、体性感覚ゲームをプレイし、タイピングしても、それを達成できます。

- LEDバックライト

- 複数の互換性
Android TVボックス、IPTV、HTPC、ミニPC、STB、プロジェクタなど、さまざまなデバイスとの互換性があり、HD映画の鑑賞、ビデオの検索、Webサイトの閲覧など、自宅のコンピュータ画面として大型テレビを共有できます。

- IR学習機能付きユニバーサルリモコン

- プラグ&プレイ

- センサー:3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor
- キー数:81
- オペレーティングシステム:Android、Windows、Macなど
- バッテリー:2 x 1.5V AAAバッテリー(別売)



特殊機能: 2.4GHz帯のワイヤレス
Wi-Fiの範囲: 10メートル


製品重量: 0.1400 kg
製品サイズ(長さx幅x高さ): 17.20 x 5.20 x 1.00 cm / 6.77 x 2.05 x 0.39インチ
パッケージサイズ(L×幅×H): 21.00 x 6.50 x 3.80 cm / 8.27 x 2.56 x 1.5インチ


主要材料: 1 x TZ MX3エアマウス、1 xワイヤレスレシーバー、1 x英語ユーザーマニュアル
TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス- ブラック
TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス- ブラック
TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス- ブラック
TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス- ブラック
TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス- ブラック
TZ MX3 2.4GHzエアーマウス- ブラック



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  • Nerio
    It is a real salvation after the crappy remote I used with my RPi3 media box so far. What I particularly like:
    - great build quality, the buttons are like silk to the touch, and say a quiet "click" when pressed
    - 2xAAA battery (no plug-in-and-wait-a-night-to-charge-it-up); I always have a spare pair to swap them when needed
    - backlight
    - most buttons worked well with the RPi out of the box
    - airmouse is accurate and easy to use
    - learning IR which works great with my TV (Samsung), projector (Epson) and stereo (Harman-Kardon)
    For the price nothing really. Only nitpicking:
    - It would be great if there were more programmable buttons not just 5;
    - there is no "stop" button; but you can assign it to any button in Kodi
    - backlight does no illuminate the special characters; although I doubt I would ever need to type a special character is complete darkness.

    Jan 22,2018

  • algimantas
    good item
    in my case there is tv+tv box. so it's very hard to browse internet or watch youtube without keyboard this remote solves all problems + android and tv box developers forgot that you can't use notification area without mouse, finally i have and mouse :D
    nice buttons, good rubber not plastic as in cheapest remotes. everything is clear, no installation or something. my tv box even not asked either i want use this remote, i plugged and used :D needed instruction only for IR commands setup, but read 1 time and throw away manual.

    Jan 12,2018

  • Emanuel Barros
    Excelente produto
    Produto de excelente qualidade, tem a função Air mouse, função de ativação das teclas retroiluminadas, teclado alfanumérico autoreverso, comando por voz (contém microfone embutido), teclas zoom in/zoom out, tecla home, tecla pesquisa, teclas de comando de vídeo (play/pause, avançar/retroceder...), tecla TV. Ideal para TV Box.

    May 12,2018

  • Owain
    Nice air mouse with a few niggles
    Nicely built remote, with plenty of buttons. Feels solid and responsive.
    Has a play/pause button which many Android TV remotes do not.
    Air mouse pointer is surprisingly smooth and accurate to use.
    Backlight is very nice. Even switches on only the side that is uppermost using the accelerometers, so if you use the keyboard that lights up and the other side dims, and vice versa.

    Overall pretty happy with this device, and have recommended it to others.
    Had an issue with the pointer sliding quickly down the screen when you stopped moving the air mouse, making it almost impossible to click on something. But found a solution! Do NOT use NiMH rechargeable batteries (1.2V), as this seems to cause this behaviour, maybe due to some power saving mode. Higher voltage NiZn batteries work very well and this sliding behaviour disappeared. It also worked briefly with fresh alkalines, but started up again as soon as the voltage dropped under 1.5V, so NiZn is the best choice.

    Another annoyance is that, because it's a bluetooth device, it goes to sleep after about 5 minutes of inactivity to save power. This is annoying if you then need to pause a film to answer the phone or door, as the keys will not do anything until it has woken up again after a few seconds.

    Can't see the Alternate Characters (numbers and symbols) with the backlight, as it only lights up the primary markings.

    Oct 31,2017

  • Ziad
    Excellent air mouse!
    Ease of use
    Build Quality

    This air mouse is one among the cheapest availanle on GearBest, and I was skeptical to buy one initially, but decided to purchase one anyway after reading the reviews. It was a good decision, because this remote / airmouse / wireless keyboard replaces all remote I currently use. It just works beautifully, and is a must have for everyone who uses multiple remotes!

    Jun 29,2018


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最初の質問をしてください。 Gポイントが必要ですか? レビューを書いてください!

最初の質問をしてください。 Gポイントが必要ですか? レビューを書いてください!

最初の質問をしてください。 Gポイントが必要ですか? レビューを書いてください!

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