Creality3D CR - 10拡大3D DIYデスクトッププリンタキット

Creality3D CR - 10拡大3D DIYデスクトッププリンタキット

- コーヒー色 米国

400 × 400 × 400mm成形サイズ
4.94 16 カスタマーレビュー | 英語の説明を参照してください
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●大型の400 × 400 × 400mmの超大容量を構築できます。

●複数の3D印刷フィラメント:ABS / PLA / TPUなど





●ノズルの温度:通常の状態では250℃未満です。 最大270°Cまでです。



ブランド: Creality3D
モデル: CR - 10
特殊機能: DIY
ノズル直径: 0.4ミリメートル
製品形成サイズ: 400 × 400 × 400mm
メモリカードのオフライン印刷: SDカード
液晶スクリーン: サポートする
印刷速度: 150 mm/s
材料の直径: 1.75ミリメートル
ファイル形式: Gコード,JPG,OBJ,STL
コンピュータソフトウェアをホスティング: クーラ
製品重量: 組み立てられていないパッキング


製品重量: 18.0000 kg


コンテンツのパック: 1 × Creality3D CR - 10 3DデスクトップDIYプリンタキット



4.94 5のうち
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  • Spidey4fun
    はい (0) 色: Coffee サイズ: EU
    Works great..
    Took a few minutes to put together. Checked for issues with lose rollers and found none. Im using 3D simplify so just set up the CR-10 normal profile and enlarged the print area in the G-code section to 400 x 400 x 400. Leveled the bed. And it was ready to go. Printed 10 hrs so far. I used blue tape on the heat bed as I already had a roll. It's working great.

    Aug 20,2018

  • Martin Hawkes
    はい (1) 色: Coffee サイズ: EU
    A great printer
    A very good 3D printer easy to setup and operate great size for big prints and well made this is my first printer but was able to get going in only one hour already thinking about getting more
    Heat bed is slow to get going and I can get it to go higher then around 70.at the moment. glass has a slight bow in it but can get over it.

    May 16,2018

  • zengin
    はい (0) 色: Coffee サイズ: EU
    Big printer
    Because availability and user returns are good. I chose the material because it was a good way. Table setting quickly deteriorates. They could have made the cables a little longer. The place that everyone will put is not available. I'll get the same product again

    Mar 06,2019

  • Aaron Wilson
    はい (5) 色: Coffee サイズ: EU
    Fantastic (not so) little printer. Out of the box it was easy to assemble and once done it has been printing flawlessly.The user interface and the easy of bed levelling were great as well as the upgrade such as the new extruder design and the filament runout sensor.
    There were a couple of parts that needed adjusting and aligning that were not clear on the instructions, the tape supplied for the build surface was not as good as the 3M Blue painters tape I now use.

    Dec 31,2017

  • Guy
    はい (0) 色: Coffee サイズ: US
    This is my first 3D printer and I'm using Cura to create the STL's and TinkerCAD to create basic things for work and around the house. Looking forward to trying different filaments! Shipping was prompt and price was good. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase.

    Sep 28,2018


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